Ambassador of Kuwait to Iraq: The Emir of Kuwait will visit Baghdad to discuss the outstanding The files

Karbala, April 30 (Rn) said Kuwait’s Ambassador to Iraq Monday, during his visit to the city of Karbala, the Emir of Kuwait will pay a visit to Baghdad at the end of this year to discuss The files that the relationship between the two countries, and denied find Kuwait on the state of the remains of missing Kuwaitis in Iraq until the Now, while stressing that the governor of Karbala, the local government discussed many of the files with the Kuwaiti delegation perhaps the most notable investment in the tourism sector.

He said to the insured during a press conference held today during his visit to the city of Karbala 108 km southwest of the capital Baghdad, with the delegation of investment Kuwaiti and some members of parliament that “the Kuwaiti government is working to improve relations with Iraq and bring it back to before 1980, when the Iraqis enter Kuwait without a visa (Visa), “adding that” what he did to the former regime in Kuwait Aithml his sins, the people of Iraq. “

He added, “We have faith in investing in Karbala, Najaf and Basra as our investment in the Kurdistan region because we want a close relationship with Iraq based on mutual interest including trade and served two countries.”

He insured that Kuwait “to you looking now for the demarcation of the border with Iraq as it works to restore the relations of the new,” explaining that “the Emir of Kuwait will pay during the last quarter of the year 2012 a visit to Baghdad to discuss The files that the outstanding issues with Iraq in the hope of prompting the United Nations on lifting the sanctions on Iraq as it has been applied to him the direction of its neighbor Kuwait. “

Following up by saying, “We confirm that our part of Iraq has met the obligations of Maalih although there are some passages that have been agreed upon with the Government Center during an in-depth sessions were held yesterday in Baghdad.”

And the Ambassador of Kuwait to Baghdad, said his government was working on “the appointment of staff of consulates stationed in Kurdistan and Basra in each of Karbala and Najaf to take care of the interests of its citizens and visitors who come to these two provinces to visit the holy sites.”

For his part, Governor of Karbala hopes of religion, the cat during the conference that “the local government discussed many of the files with the Kuwaiti delegation perhaps the most notable investment in building tourist hotels and increase trade exchange,” noting that “the president of the Po fiftieth expressed his desire to set up several projects to maintain especially since it features put security well. “

He said the Governor of Karbala to visit the Kuwaiti delegation, which is the first in more than 20 years to the province of Karbala as a real opportunity to see on what ground can you get Kuwaiti companies in light of the openness of Iraq to neighboring Kuwait. “ The Kuwaiti delegation was accompanied by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate pro-Lami, a Kuwaiti journalist and a delegation composed of 20 journalists.

Iraq has since 1990 under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations imposed after the invasion of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, the State of Kuwait in August of the same year, this item allows the use of force against Iraq as a threat to international security, in addition to large amounts of frozen assets Finance in the global banks to pay compensation to those affected by the invasion of Kuwait.