Contracts with more than 40 billion dollars behind the desire of Russia and China, the survival of al-Maliki

Sources: contracts with more than 40 billion dollars behind the desire of Russia and China, the survival of al-Maliki for a third term

22-05-2014 01:34 PM

Sources-contracts with more than 40 billion dollars behind the desire of Russia and China the survival of al-Maliki for a third termThe sources revealed high-level diplomatic about the movement of both Moscow and Beijing to ensure that the third-term Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the motionless Maliki today as the political forces depends on an important aspect to move the Russian – Chinese-generating money and commissions, as it emphasizes political sources said Maliki supports the principle of dismantling blocks to have a majority that enables it to the third term. diplomatic sources revealed the unremitting efforts made ​​by the diplomatic mission of the Chinese in Iraq for the survival of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in power, saying that al-Maliki has promised a number of countries to commercial contracts and long-term investment in the event of receiving a third mandate. According to the diplomatic source, the efforts of the diplomatic mission of the Chinese in Iraq, aimed ‘to keep al-Maliki in power, fearing the loss of contracts for the supply, supply, construction, estimated at more than $ 40 billion is still some hang while waiting for that phase ends the current interim rule in Iraq. ” the source said that ‘ Maliki pushes some countries, including Russia and China to move its diplomacy in Iraq to put pressure on the parties and the winning blocs to accept a third term versus long-term commercial contracts and economic agreements with Iraq ‘. The commercial attache at the Chinese in Baghdad and Wang Xin Tong, revealed earlier that the volume of trade between his country and Iraq amounted to 14 billion dollars, pointing to the existence of talks with the Iraqi Ministry of Industry on the opening of a car factory Chinese and another for the production of mobile phones in Iraq. , it Political sources for the first alliances of state law, which is believed to have become guaranteed, due to (the magnitude of) the cake and the size of the commissions, and the list includes, as sources say the political ten members of the Uniting headed Karbouli, Arabic, headed by Saleh al-Mutlaq, and virtue, and a coalition of Iraq, and the current State Fair , and reform, and honest, and fulfilling, and four deputies from the Iraqi and still negotiate underway for two others. , but the most dangerous is made ​​by the source, that negotiating with a coalition of citizen is still going through the negotiators for the Supreme Council, Abdul Halim Zuhairi and Tarek Najm for the rule of law, noting that a coalition of citizens demanding five ministries, including the Interior and Finance. If true, information sources such political Van Supreme Council have hit the wall directives supreme authority which has called for change, and swapped (Holy) art is possible!. announced the Electoral Commission for elections, Monday, in the victory of a coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki place first by obtaining 95 seats of the total 328 seats in the next parliament. quoting ur