Maliki began the negotiation phase for the formation of the next government

Maliki began the negotiation phase for the formation of the next government and everyone accept the results of elections

21-05-2014 03:24 PM

Maliki began the negotiation phase for the formation of the next governmentBaghdad (news) .. called on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that accepts everyone election results transparently. said in his weekly: that the negotiation phase began to form the next government in the form that is appropriate for a strong government able to perform its functions and achieve an ambitious and wishes and aspirations of the people. added: We made our vision of all partners in the political process to provide that government, noting that the election results should be accepted in the spirit of a tolerant and do not allow Backb we hear here and there in order to discredit something here and something there, because he must be adhered to the outcome of the elections, and this does not mean that underestimated the people of their rights as if they have rights or objections or complaints. said: that if proven to shorten or diminution of the rights or the presence of manipulation, it should be the right of its people and the atmosphere was to suggest something positive, but we do not want to talk on behalf of the owners of the rights and say that it did not happen there something because of all the blocks filed complaints, some of them before, and has given rise to the effects, some of which are re. pointed out: that rumor negative sentiment against the background of the argument / I did not achieve what you aspire / is not true because the issue is not ambitious, but convinced voters choosing. Hence the must accept Loss comfortably and acceptance win comfortably also that he is not detracted from the rights of others. continued: It’s normal to hear people say that we will not elect Flana because it did not proceed in the House of Representatives or offered nothing during the last stage, when elect one of the candidates must be performed to follow up the affairs of the citizens who elected him, and this is a solid work of the House of Representatives. Maliki said: that confirms the integrity of the electoral process is the issuance of statements of sites of regional and international than it’s the best election conducted in the region in terms of real competition and in terms of procedures and in terms of security, control and technical issues. , he said: With praise International can not allow the loser here or loser there to challenge or question the results of the elections despite the fact that the right to object if his guide in the objection. and on the visit of Imam Kadhim / peace be upon him /, called the security agencies to provide maximum protection and preparedness of those murderers who are waiting for visitors and their lives ‘stressing’ the need to take all the measures that should be the protection of visitors and directed visit the proper manner. Regarding the ongoing military operations in Anbar province, Maliki said ‘that the security forces regained the initiative and began the process of counterproductive to confront terrorism and eliminate’ praising each of the support troops the security of the sons of the tribes and civilians’ who took up arms to counter terrorism, which does not distinguish between religion and religion, and between doctrine and doctrine. confirmed: that everyone is affected by terrorism, whether they are citizens who have been displaced and uprooted, or state institutions, roads and all this because of mistakes made ​​by the politicians when they interacted with these killers and Vshawwa area of terrorists who came from various countries around the world to Iraq. called on Iraqis to: not to hear voices skeptical children of the armed forces and the role of the tribes and the people who stood alongside the army because there is no one in the whole world works in the political process and challenged his army. noted to: that there is Some satellite address to challenge the army, and if we accept them and harassment of political discussions, it does not accept ‘calling setups Satellite Control Services, to monitor the programs that challenged the armed forces and the security services because it is classified under the roof of treason / Finished