Liberals: manipulation of grant-Maliki 15 seats miraculously multiplied five times

Liberals: manipulation of grant-Maliki 15 seats .. and to participate in the belt of Baghdad miraculously multiplied five times

05/20/2014 (00:01 pm)

Liberals-manipulation of grant-Maliki 15 seats miraculously multiplied five timesBAGHDAD / long-Presse

MP for the Liberal bloc Prince Kanani, on Monday, that a lot of votes has “doubled are alarming,” in favor of a coalition of state law, and stressed that the Electoral Commission for elections failed to respond to complaints, as attributed get Maliki’s coalition of more than 15 seats as ” His highest break “to” steal votes “, he pointed out that the percentage of the vote in the areas of Baghdad belt does not exceed 20%, while the electoral commission says it has increased about 90%.
Said Prince Kanani said in an interview to the (long-Presse), that “after we pull out forms for rates calculation found in Baghdad a lot of votes are added when you combine the rule of law, if the holder of eight votes recorded 120 and if you got 100 votes recorded 200, in many stations doubles the figure is alarming. ”
Kanani said that in “areas belt Baghdad and found that the percentage of the vote which increased about 90% and this thing is not logical, the fact that the area under siege security and floods,” noting that “the documented information that we have indicates that the percentage of the vote in those areas does not exceed 20%, as well as the majority of votes the ballot boxes went to the state law. ”
and threatened Kanani “to provide these documents to the judiciary, and if you were not successful, will move the complaint to the Attorney General, or if the form of the House of Representatives will be questioned Commission, on these forged documents that did not take the Commission any action against it, “stressing that” this process can not be tolerated as a change to the will of the voter to political party to political party other must be a serious investigation and urgent to prevent such cases and to hold negligent. ”
said the parliamentarian for the Liberal bloc that “some of the blocks particularly opposed to the third term such as the Liberals and the citizen, national, find in the process of combining a reduction in their numbers,” adding “we have given these documents to the Commission, but has not responded to these complaints by the Liberals and the citizen and more than a political entity.”
The Kanani that “the last seat, which competes in every province with the highest break added all those fractures to the rule of law in most of the southern provinces and the Middle Euphrates and Baghdad, by taking a portion of the votes of the blocks that do not have benefits or entitlements simple, making it get more than 15 seats, “asserting that” these votes were stolen in an orderly fashion by specialists in the count. ”
He MP for the Liberal bloc that “station to vote zero allocated to UNHCR staff and found them to be 95% of the votes went to the state law, which means that they were hired because of their association with the rule of law through the electoral district run by Miqdad Sharifi associated with the rule of law “, calling for” a balance in the selection of staff. ”
were three political alliances, confirmed Sunday (18 May 2014), possession of evidence documenting “abuses and violations” that marred parliamentary elections, particularly in favor of Maliki’s coalition in Anbar, while accused Maliki’s coalition, “the exploitation of political money and terrible and enticement against voters,” and the election commission to “not to deal professionally and impartially” with blocks on both indicated that they will challenge the election results if they came contrary to the claim and its agents.
received the Electoral Commission for elections on Saturday (17 May 2014), the skeptics holding of parliamentary elections in the areas of belt Baghdad, confirmed that the vote which was higher than the safe areas center of the capital, confirmed that the ratio ranged from 96% down to 40%, As pointed out that most of the complaints resolved in 2030 amounting leaving only 150 will be resolved today and tomorrow.