Hakim al-Maliki accused of falsifying election results

Hakim al-Maliki accused of falsifying election results


Hakim al-Maliki accused of falsifying election resultsPalm – accused the coalition of “citizen,” which is headed by the Supreme Islamic Council head Ammar al-Hakim, a coalition of “state law” under the leadership of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, manipulating and promotion for him in the parliamentary election results announced Monday, in Baghdad.

A spokesman for the coalition of “citizen” eloquent Abu tirelessly at a news conference the coalition to monitor the number of excesses; including the use of public money and power in the election campaign as well as the distribution of land to the citizens and the distribution of large sums of money under different headings.

In a related context, the leader of the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement Prince Kanani said in an interview that the media got a big fraud in favor of al-Maliki and his list, “adding that his list has documents and videos to prove it.

In turn, the leader of the coalition Arbaoui Mohammed, said: “What happened was a coalition of citizen was not the level of ambition, not even the level of expectation,” adding that: “It was expected to reap a coalition of citizens from 40 to 45 seats due to the admissibility of moderation and enjoyed it.”

And announced the Electoral Commission of the results of the elections for get a coalition of state law on 95 seats, and came in second place menus pectoral 32 seats and then a coalition of citizen 29 seats and after the coalition united with 23 seats, also came a coalition of national, led by Iyad Allawi, in fifth place with 21 seats, while the solution sixth position of the Kurdistan Democratic Party 19 seats shared with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) center with 19 seats also.

For his part, the prime minister said the leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, said: the possibility of manipulation of the election results based as possible, calling for political blocs objecting to submit evidence and documents that indicate fraud.

He called on al-Maliki, on Monday, winning political blocs to the need to open up to the coalition of state law, pointing out that the candidate for prime minister will be from the National Alliance.

Al-Maliki – during a press conference in the presence of members of the coalition – that: “The National Alliance remains and ongoing,” adding that: “the person who will run the next government will come out of the National Alliance.”