Maliki lost the third term

Maliki lost the third term


Maliki lost the third termPalm – may get al-Maliki on the votes in the last election qualifies him to impose himself on the list of state law, and make its members convicted of allegiance to his person, bending to desire a third term, and then enter the door of the affairs of the internal list is not a third-party objection or claim put them right ..
This could be it cause of flies on the outskirts of the Shiite alliance, Almichzi mainly by al-Maliki’s policies and its uniqueness in the management of the coalition, and even cancel his role, in terms of his sense of entitlement to the Dawa Party, to lead the Shiites in Iraq, and it is borne by a lot of diligence.

But it is important to realize that many of the whole issue does not depend on what will happen to his al-Maliki of the vote, or what it represents its position in the rule of law, but on the size of the parties to the conviction of the Shiite alliance, and perhaps needs to be convinced other parties to give him confidence in the new presidency.

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observer of the course of political conflicts between large blocs is almost convinced that al-Maliki threw himself down prey plot of making his hand, when it was invent the phenomenon of formation of the government in the elections of the year 2010 under the largest parliamentary bloc and not deservedly winning list, which led to the theft of the rights of the Iraqi List in the formation of the government at the time. This dilemma is one of the excluded al-Maliki for winning a third term even if it won its list of the number of votes in the 2014 elections, so that the formation of the largest bloc in parliament requires attracting Shiite blocs, fully Ihtah to some other lists that allow access to the roof, which qualifies him to stay in the state a third, which is unlikely in light of the wrong policies pursued by Maliki toward all political parties, and on the sidelines of the statements of those parties that have expressed their positions future, as well as the current indicators of the state of the election stating that lists the Shiite’ve got half the votes Shiites say the least.

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It is no secret that it is unlikely re-weft Shiite alliance to its previous state, especially as the Shiite parties lost confidence completely Maliki, on the one hand, and the asses of another in order to climb to the post of Prime Minister, on the other hand, as well as non-Maliki’s ability to attract the list are united or Kurdish parties in the event of making a decision not to rely on the old Shiite alliance.

All indications are that al-Maliki is no longer impress the majority of political leaders, especially the Shiite ones, no longer personal promised sometime Baltoafiqih by political parties major in the Iraqi political arena, especially in light of popular discontent, and the status of the protest effervescent on his policies in large areas from Iraq, which will generate a personal conviction to find another harmonic of the Dawa Party, a Shiite stream or another, change is the illusion of the street.

And it will look like the scene more complicated if Iran decides to withdraw their cover for al-Maliki, and turn to solve problems sticking with the Americans at the expense of Iraq, and what if it gave the United States for its support because of the escalation of tension in the situation in Iraq and its impact on the criticism of the administration of President Obama within the United States itself, especially that the parties are well aware that a lot of papers Maliki have been exhausted during the past four years, the biggest and probably they will not Athuta much for his papers electoral their being aware of styles and also the nature of the conditions that have been followed in the build-up to the election list.

And most importantly of all, that the parties possess suitable alternatives for al-Maliki in the Iraqi interior They could run Iraq manner commensurate with their respective interests.