Iraqi Kurdistan oil exported to the United States and the Zionist entity

Iraqi Kurdistan oil exported to the United States and the Zionist entity

17/05/2014 16:39

Iraqi Kurdistan oil exported to the United States and the Zionist entityFollow-up – and babysit –
Oil refineries joined Israeli and American to a growing list of buyers of crude oil from the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which is locked in a battle with the central government in Baghdad, which confirms that the sales are illegal.

According to sources in the oil sector and services, citing the location of the channel of the world follow the paths of ships that the United States has imported its first shipment of crude oil from the region two weeks ago while headed four shipments at least to the Palestinian territories occupied since January after orientation shipments there last summer .

The Iraqi government has repeatedly stressed that any oil sales surpassed sales are illegal and threatened to sue any company entered into transactions of this type.

However this oil is sold Kurdistan and outputs condensed light of a number of European buyers.

Baghdad has refused to sell oil to the Israeli occupation entity, like other Arab countries.

The Department of Energy has rejected Israeli comment, saying it does not talk about the sources of the country’s oil.

A senior official of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, “this very serious development. Always demanded the region to stop the smuggling of Iraqi crude by truck to Turkey … Now, if this proves to be true it would have amounted to a sum far.”

The tension reached a new level this week after he said that the president of the Kurdistan region, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is marketed in the direction of the country’s totalitarian rule and threatened to exit the Kurds from the federal government.

Sources sectors of trade and shipping deals that include major international firms to trade commodities such as Trafigura, one of the three largest companies in the world oil trade. The Trafigura spokeswoman declined to comment.

And play a Turkish company named Paortranc the role of mediator for the Kurds and sells oil to traders through bidding. Most of the crude went to the Italian city of Trieste in a while I went to the condensation products of France, Germany, the Netherlands and even Latin America.

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