Political consultations to exclude al-Maliki of the presidency

Political consultations to exclude al-Maliki of the presidency


Political consultations to exclude al-Maliki of the presidencyPalm – continued consultations between Iraqi political blocs to pre-empt the announcement of the final results of the elections and the formation of the largest parliamentary bloc, which will cost the formation of the new government, as it focused those talks about the exclusion of Nuri al-Maliki as prime minister and until the termination of the monopoly of the coalition, “state law” for the post.

A spokesman for the coalition of “citizen” eloquent Abu tirelessly in a press statement that the coalition led by Ammar al-Hakim, and the mass of “free” Iraq: “I do not insist on the nomination of a particular candidate,” calling for a coalition of “state law” to enter into negotiations with an open mind and heart open. ”

Abul tirelessly that “the problem of the National Alliance (consisting of blocks of the citizen and the Kurdistan National Liberals and united) over who is the prime ministerial candidate for the next period,” noting that “the debate on the Prime Minister’s outgoing considered late because its origin is focused on whether the Presidency of the Council of Ministers is the maturity of a coalition of state law or not? “.

Abizaid: “Our coalition believes in a strong team has a vision of a harmonious and unified program stems from the National Alliance is nominate the next prime minister,” stressing that “the Supreme Council does not accept preconditions to enter into negotiations to form a government within the National Alliance.”

He stressed “the need to have prime ministerial candidate next with the approval of the political blocs within the National Alliance, as well as Kurdish and Sunni component,” noting that “the Supreme Council wants to establish government services and the majority of the political representative of all components of the Iraqi people are real, the total seats 200.”

The new Abu tirelessly emphasis on “the existence of dialogue between the citizen and the coalition of the Liberal and united and the Kurdistan Alliance and the National held earlier before the elections,” pointing out that “the basis of these dialogues or future alliances will be after deduction of our choice within the National Alliance.” He revealed, “opened new dialogues with the Arab bloc, headed by Saleh al-Mutlaq in order to form the next government.”

And mixed leaves the political game between the “majority government” and “partnership government” because the government of the partnership existing now are the product of a majority winner in the previous election, which was built on the text of the Constitutional Court’s decision to take over the largest parliamentary bloc in parliament to form a government, not a cluster of winning the highest votes in the elections, which required bargaining between the blocks to get a half-plus-one, which means at the same time that the government of the partnership is a government of the majority. trying some politicians now promoting the idea of ​​a majority government policy, with the presence of opposing parallel, but that the facts presented indicate that the majority government raised will not exclude any component of the Iraqi people, which means it will be a government partnership, especially that any political bloc would be unable to form a government on its own, or even in alliance with another two blocks or more.

According to observers, the Prime Minister will be from the Shiite component, which in this case can not dispense with component Kurdish or Sunni, because that would mean isolating the northern or western Iraq. The component Shiite divided now into streams, and choose his representative has become extremely difficult, because it requires a consensus within the same component, in addition to the acceptance of the parties or other components, as well as international and regional parties.