Allawi’s coalition: if we want to save Iraq “no” third term for the owners

Allawi’s coalition: if we want to save Iraq “no” third term for the owners

Tuesday, 06 May / May 2014 07:15

Allawi's coalition-if we want to save Iraq no third term for the owners[Baghdad where]

Stressed the national list led by Iyad Allawi, refusing to renew the mandate of the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

The MP said the existing Salem Delly told all of Iraq [where] that “the position of national and clear from the outset, we do not have a feud with one, but can not be created dictatorship under the tent democracy, rejecting this issue altogether, and our history in this topic and more than two years before meeting in Arbil, the positions of the national forces was not possible to take over the leadership of al-Maliki and the State of our project. ”

He added, “And then we adopted a draft of the mandate of the three presidencies and still insist on this position for the existence of the failure of security, economic, and my services and the failure of all the files, then it could give another chance to the owners because he is taking his entitlement enough,” noting that “the chances are very weak now, despite the presence of leaks here A coalition that has a lot of seats in parliament, but this does not work and that al-Maliki being the intersection with all political forces with the Kurds and the Sadrists with the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and Iraqi forces of all types. ”

He concluded by saying, “If we want to save Iraq from the abyss and put democracy in Iraq on population correct “No third term for the owners.”

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki had announced a few days before his commitment to the state the third. Maliki said at a news conference in Baghdad, and then asked about the possibility of non-renewal of the mandate to him, “Are human creation only because the Prime Minister, and that the country does not need the other source, that these mental which by some as if the mother she bore to be a minister or a prime minister, not because I did not Tldni Lamy to be a minister or a prime minister, was born and I was a farmer and a factor gaining and students and staff members, and Iraq need any effort in any location of the positions of responsibility and I will be happy and honored to serve the country and I do not have adoption of this subject. “and pointed out that” at the same time I have said repeatedly that the stage is not the stage of comfort, because comfort is forbidden at this time and if it was a choice, Vaattabrh choice compelled to adhere to it and this is what you are seeing in the general atmosphere and I can not humiliate people or just sit back and give up the middle the size of the big challenges in the country that need the power and the will of the solid. ”

He also said the “majority of who are in the National Alliance are allies and outside our alliances with the other components of our dialogue with them and there is a tendency bode well in shaping not only the majority of 165 seats, but more than that.”

The House Speaker Osama Najafi announced his refusal to categorically granting Maliki third term under any circumstances or pretext, accusing him of “bad faith in the principle of partnership which is the first manufacturer to the crises which can thaw one of them until the rush to build a new crisis, in the cycle of crises alone finds himself away from accountability. ”

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