The CIA: the era of Nuri al-Maliki ended ..!

The CIA: the era of Nuri al-Maliki ended ..!


The CIA-the era of Nuri al-Maliki endedWashington / Agencies

Confirmed the CIA that the era of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki over. A report by Booz Allen Hamilton Center for Studies and Research of the U.S. intelligence the CIA that the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki would sustain a severe loss in 30 elections next April.

The report said that al-Maliki has key allies and angered the religious establishment, led by al-Sistani, the Shiite community reference due to non-implementation of promises which launched four years ago and the ongoing crises in the north with the Kurds and Sunnis in the west. He added that the polls Center underscores the loss of the majority he enjoyed the winning 60 parliamentary seats, the best estimate. The report noted that the coalition of Shiite leader Ammar al-Hakim will achieve a majority if Aútlv with the Sadrists and other Shiite forces other small due to the support of al-Sistani and his foundation lining him.

The report concluded with several recommendations for the management of the U.S. to deal with the political changes in Iraq and change the centers of power in it.