Central Bank of the dollar raises quantities for sale at prices discounted


Baghdad: JD initiated the Central Bank in the first auction this week has put the dollar amounts at prices lower than the black market, a difference of ten percentage points. It was the opening of bids for the sale and purchase of dollar daily fourth and Twenty-two thousand for buying and selling foreign currency at the Central Bank of Iraq for Sunday day on 29/4/2012 The number of banks contribute to the auction 15, and the basic price, which landed him selling dinars / USD 1166 and while the total amount sold by the Bank at the price advertised (132,296,000), there were no offers of sale by the shareholders at the Central Bank. The total amounted to Buy Offers (USD) (132,296,000), while the total Products (dollars). The Alpmk central in the statement which was obtained (JD, a copy of the price of the sale of remittances (1179) JD / dollar, including the commission’s central bank in the amount of (13) dinars per dollar. And the price of cash sales (1179) JD / dollar, including the commission’s central bank in the amount of (13 ) dinars per dollar. quantity sold and the amount of cash (7,783,000) dollars and quantity sold amount of remittances (124,513,000) dollars. the central bank earns a commission of (13) dinars per Dolarma discount (8) JD / dollar amounts for purchased that is to say: – the purchase price of the dollar cash = (sale price of the dollar cash – 8). stressed the bank as a continuous buying and selling of the dollar and the price (1166) and receive the same commissions mentioned above. It is noted that the exchange rate of the dollar in the black market reached 1226 dinars / USD, With stabilized exchange rate of the dinar since 2006 until two months ago from now to 1118 dinars / USD, and played both Iran and Syria to impose an international embargo on them a prominent role in the decline in the value of Iraqi dinar after the rise in demand is dramatically reflected in the dollar and turn it into these two countries in order to reduce the effects of the blockade on national currencies, which saw a decline by almost half compared to the dollar.