Maliki confirms that his abdication or retreat from the prime minister for a third term

Maliki confirms that his abdication or retreat from the prime minister for a third term

Thursday, 01 May / May 2014 16:21

Maliki confirms that his abdication or retreat from the prime minister for a third term[Baghdad – where]

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki adherence to the third state.

Al-Maliki said at a news conference in Baghdad on Thursday, after asked about the possibility of non-renewal of the mandate to him, “Are human creation only because the Prime Minister, and that the country does not need the other source, such that the mentality that the other and if the mother she bore to be a minister or a prime minister , no I did not Tldni Lamy to be a minister or a prime minister, was born and I was a farmer and a factor gaining and students and staff members, and Iraq need any effort in any location of the positions of responsibility and I will be happy and honored to serve the country and I do not have to adopt to this subject. ”

He noted that “at the same time I have said repeatedly that the stage is not the stage of comfort because it is forbidden at this time and if it was a choice, Vaattabrh choice compelled to adhere to it and this is what you are seeing in the general atmosphere and I can not humiliate people or just sit back and give up the center of the size of the big challenges in the country which You need to strength and will of the solid. ”

He also said the “majority of who are in the National Alliance are allies and outside our alliances with the other components of our dialogue with them and there is a tendency bode well in shaping not only the majority of 165 seats, but more than that.”

He said the “formation of the government and the duration We hope that this be quick to run the country but it’s related to the declaration of the election results and we fear that last longer as before, and the formation of the government depends on the negotiations between the blocks because any mass alone can not form a government, we do not want also to drag this negotiations, “adding that” the negotiations will be a shortcut political majority, and if we accept the principle of majority will quickly form a government. ”

On the possibility of the alliance between the state law and the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, Maliki said that “Barzani friend and partner and ally Old and our differences are not conflict partisan or sectarian, but disagreements on the structure of the state and the issues related to the management of wealth and the Constitution, and if it became a trend shared between the two parties to resolve and agree on the unity of the country Casas to build a state and if outside interference from countries that want to penetrate Iraq ordered Mrovdha, it will be an ally and more than that, and can not rule out any party, and we have stated frankly that is not a red line with any party and we will begin a dialogue with everyone and even those who profess BLM will not. ”

Maliki confirmed his call for partners “for understanding the formation of the government on the basis of majority, and this depends on the results of the election and form the next government will be on the basis of understandings within the axis of the majority and be belonging to Iraq and faith his unit do not want to repeat the experience of the quota system, has put us up an alliance with all the ingredients without sectarian nor nationalism and maintain wealth and build our relations with countries without interference and that it believes in these foundations is our ally and Snandhanh. ”

And on the other options in the absence of a state law on the majority between the leader of the coalition, “If we do not achieve a majority do not want to re-experience the Government of the partnership and we have high confidence majority will not go blunt toward quotas and reconcile between the majority and the partnership but to return explicit quotas wish not to be and not to be a partner in it. ”

He added, “We’ve tried government partnership, a sense of quotas which do not build a country and we have to activate the principles of democracy, which means majority rule, and we are starting points may be the nature of the axial Auanasra or sectarian entered the quota system and paid the price, and today we hear also democracy harmonic a wrap on the title of quotas,” noting ” We want to move the majority of static and I call on all the blocks and even people from the winners as individuals need to openness and dialogue on the basis of the achievement of the political majority that we believe the rescue ship to the political process. ”

And his knowledge of the results of the election and what happened coalition of the votes Maliki said: “We did not get any real number with the results of the elections do not want to Nsthsal figures and we want to respect the role of the Electoral Commission and leave it it is talking about the preliminary results is either rush or wants to say that the results were fixed and he challenged them to say that the expectations were higher than officially announced. ”

He stressed that “the Commission does not announce things before completion is threatened and is a guide warns bankruptcy and wants to find a loophole to save himself and everything in it, except for the results of the induction of the general atmosphere.”

“We have ended the election period and all made in his opinion freely and people chose or reject it and this is the day of the partnership in the future of the country, and I regret that the campaign electioneering were not acceptable and unsatisfactory, where they have been used words and actions of a bear and the paradoxes of an unfortunate and painful and should be on the men politicians, religion and intellectuals that Aagafvo on this dangerous phenomenon and the holiest sites and all that has been said has not affected convinced voters and citizens who chose consciously, but when it descends electoral behavior of this level would not accept it because it is incompatible with the principles and morals of Islamic and Arabic. ”

The leader of a coalition of state law partners politicians to start a new page, saying, “Since the election is over and the results will be announced and win than to win and lose-lose from losing, but it is important that the elections have taken place and start a new page, and after the end of the campaign, despite what happened to them from the competition honest and dishonest I invite everyone to move to a new phase of the search for prospects where everyone collaborates to build the country. ”

The Prime Minister “has plagued the situation leading up to the coming days of the election disable projects so as not to say that al-Maliki succeeded, or that the government survived and we have paid for it dearly in blood and serve the people and tell them ended in electoral propaganda Come to build homes and begin oil and gas law until the formation of the government and announced for the first time and I say to the prime minister have to stop blocking services under the guidance of the bloc to which they belong and ended a campaign of propaganda, “and accused” the House of obstructing the government which is not accountable to the government control, but the foundations for the disabled. ”

He described disable approving the budget for the year 2014 as “the biggest scandal of political forces that disrupt the budget is for two purposes the first technical, legal and constitutional respect to the oil and exports and revenues, and this resolved in accordance with the legal procedures and the Federal Court and the other political, if a problem should not be linked to the problems you want to solve the dictates and we were told What he did not re excluded by the Electoral Commission for the nomination will not pass the budget and surprised by this matter of the budget that is to the public. ”

The Prime Minister called for “the immediate passage of the budget and we will work in the next phase to approve oil and gas law and the census, population and the resolution of Article 140 and the law of parties and provincial boundaries, and we will make an intensive effort to accomplish because it is the laws of the strategy of the country, so the most important and fastest and urgent is the adoption of the budget.”

And the crisis of Fallujah and the conditions of Anbar confirmed the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces said that “the issue of Fallujah will not drag on and do not want to detail for security reasons, but she has taken it deserves to wait and in the protection of civilians so as not to be affected and the process began to take shape that the city remained the killers, criminals and people left it became necessary for us and the position is serious The critical re-Fallujah residents to their homes and the world and the Iraqis and the whole Aadhirna because he can not keep the suffering of Fallujah and be disposed of in this way a terrorist. ”

“We have defeated hold elections Daash and al-Qaida and stayed on us in the field and headed to resolve the issue and move towards the reconstruction of Anbar city of Ramadi and expelled from Fallujah and other areas of the provinces and compensate all those affected by the people of these areas and we will do so quickly.”

And provide al-Maliki thanked the position of religious authority in support of the electoral process “and stand at the same distance from everyone in addition to its commitment to the political process and had a role in this election parental role featured him who gave the feeling that everyone is at the same distance Valve thanked her position outright despite jamming it.”

He also praised Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, “the position of the Iraqi people, who stunned terrorism and impressed the world in his epic election, and the role of the Electoral Commission and local and international observers to follow the electoral process, and we are now in a new situation and on the basis of new elections and in good to choose dramatically, a development in doth citizen and I also selected in the day on the occasion of the International Workers’ Holiday congratulations and blessings for the Iraqi workers and be in better shape and not be subject to bidding, and work on the provision of services. “ended.