Newspaper: America defer delivery “F-16″ for Iraq, fearing al-Maliki clung to power

Newspaper: America defer delivery “F-16″ for Iraq, fearing al-Maliki clung to power

TUESDAY, APRIL 29 / APRIL 2014 15:08

Newspaper-America defer delivery F-16 for Iraq fearing al-Maliki clung to powerTwilight News / Kurdish newspaper said Tuesday that the United States will not hand over Iraq’s aircraft “F-16″ fighter scheduled to arrive after five months in Iraq by Iraqi military sources.

The newspaper quoted “Media” Weekly sources, she informed decision-making positions in the military in Iraq, saying the United States is now working on Iraq’s non-delivery of these aircraft in the current period and deferred to 2015.

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad has been pointed out a few days ago to the possibility of late delivery of F-16 aircraft to Iraq deadline in September next, due to lack of readiness of the Balad Air Base north of Baghdad to receive the fighter jets.

The United States accelerated the delivery of arms to Iraq after the control of armed militants on land in the west of the country earlier this year.

According to Washington, the Iraqi government took over 800 rounds of US-made gun, and awaiting the arrival of 99 Hellfire missiles and 1,000 tank shell as requirements for emergency battles taking place in Anbar.

The newspaper said that the Kurdish military sources indicated that the United States does not intend to speed up the delivery of these aircraft and they do not intend to be delivered before the end of 2015.

And the reasons for this action, U.S. sources said it lies in the delivery of the aircraft may make the Minister Nuri al-Maliki insists on not handing over power to the new candidate, which could spark a civil war in Iraq.

It is scheduled to take place the Iraqi parliamentary elections on Wednesday, and it competes many of the blocks that aspires to win the post of prime minister, especially State of Law bloc headed by al-Maliki, who is seeking a third term, and the Sadrists and the Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim, who reject the third term of the owners.

The pre-empted the Sadrists election results provide candidate for the post of head of government and is the current governor of Maysan Ali Douai, in the Supreme Islamic Council says that it has more than one candidate for the job itself.

This raises fears of conflict of observers to turn into confrontations between these parties in the absence of peaceful rotation of power.