Committee: We will achieve attempting to steal from the stock of the States if it does not convince us of the Central Bank’s work


BAGHDAD / JD / .. alluded to the Finance Committee by its direct interference in the parliamentary procedures of the Central Bank in case you do not work on convincing the dollar and the fluctuation of the investigation in an attempt theft of seven stocks Trallonat State. A member of the Committee Haitham Jubouri’s / JD / “The committee, which formed Baazavita with Alnaúptin Majida al-Tamimi and Najiba Najib to follow the work of the Central Bank of waiting Results on us by the executive committees,” adding that “next Wednesday will be the Committee’s meeting with representatives of the Central Bank to find out what findings of investigations on fluctuation of the dollar and try to steal seven trillion from the budget of the state. ” The Jubouri “did not convince us that the Central Bank of its investigations will deal directly with the departments and achieve and those who rigged Okhtamanm and their signatures in the theft of 7 trillion from the budget of the state.” He noted Jubouri that “the membership committee, which is formed a committee to pursue and not achieve.” A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee “The Committee also will brief the policy of the Central Bank in addition to fluctuation of the dollar in the Iraqi market.” / Ended / 11 n