Zebari: Iraq will not be asked not to join the Gulf Cooperation Council and the remainder of the compensation owed by Iraq of Kuwait $ 17 billion

Sunday, April 29 / April 2012 17:40

{Baghdad, Euphrates News} Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said the rest of Kuwait owed Iraq money damages because of the invasion of the former regime have a $ 17 billion, “adding that some of them see the need to invest in Iraq and” we accept all the ideas for compensation even if the demand for payment. “

He said in a press release stating that Iraq had started to regain its position and its position gradually, “and that there were political problems and tensions and disagreements, but our principle is based on that to deal with those differences is through dialogue and debate, the Constitution and institutions without resorting to force and arms.”

He added that after the year 2003 (the fall of Saddam), any one party or one party can not govern Iraq, “but rather has to be post and a coalition and cooperation and we need time to adapt to the rule of the majority and the opposition and others.”   
In response to a question whether the political pressure continues to impede the ability of opening up of Iraq on its neighbors and brothers and friends, Zebari said that the foreign policy in any country is a reflection of the place it was the internal domestic situation if strong, it means that a strong foreign policy.

He added that sometimes affect foreign policy on the domestic situation, referring to officials in his country’s efforts to recruit external position to serve the domestic situation in a number of issues. He said that Iraq has gone in the past to the League of Arab States and request a conference of reconciliation and reconciliation of Iraq Marshal to what brought about the conference of the impact on the conflicting parties, “where was the first time, which sits where the President of the Republic of Iraq and its rulers and its leaders with the opposition accusing the death daily.”

He explained that “this is the principle that we put forward to address the situation in Syria and that he must be a dialogue under the roof of the Arab League and the government with the opposition to discuss the best ways to get out of the crisis.” He said the Iraqi political leadership to go to Saudi Arabia and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, “and we put together all the leaders of the Shiites and Sunnis in Mecca during Ramadan to issue a document of Mecca.”

He said that one of the most important problems in Iraq are represented the government, pointing to the need to deal with the official positions and statements issued by the Iraqi government agencies and the Irrelevance of Besrihat of persons other than officials have certain backgrounds or orientations.

He said the message in the Iraq Joint Commission meeting today will help Kuwait to him until the day comes when the countries which go together to the Security Council to inform him Bayeva Iraq of its obligations towards Kuwait. He denied Zebari what is being said regarding the ambitious Iraq login as an active member in the system of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), stressing that Iraq is close to the GCC countries geographically, socially and culturally, but he did not ask to join the system Cooperation Council previously will not be asked in the future.   
He said that Iraq and the GCC countries “partners and may allies and collaborators in Iraq, but our principle is based on not to join any axis against the axis, or with him. “

“The feeling the truth of the matter and see that Iraq is a capable and rich and has the potential of what it takes to be an ally and a partner and strong for good and not for evil.” 
and added that the strength of Iraq is the strength of his army in terms of weapons and missiles, but in cohesion at home tender and abroad, and its integration with its Arab and regional levels and progress.

He reported that Iraq has always has the capabilities that qualify it as a force in the area but it lacks good governance “and this is what we are trying to rectify that with good governance and fair team, Iraq does not lack anything, economical and human beings and potential.”

He pointed to a meeting (5 +1), hosted by Iraq in the 23 of May next, indicating that at least the Arab Summit in importance of international and handling of the issue of the most serious sensitive issues which the Iranian nuclear file.   
He said the meeting took place in Iraq at this time confirms the independence of the Iraqi decision and that Iraq could be a bridge between America and Europe, and Iran and between Iran and the Arab countries if it wants it. He added that Iraq relies heavily on the results of which will come out of the meeting on the GCC and the confrontation or escalation indicating that the transfer of venue of any European country to Baghdad and bring it close to the pulse of the region is very important.End