Legal Expert: Budget will not recognize the post-election

Legal Expert: Budget will not recognize the post-election

Friday, April 25 / April 2014 11:14

Legal Expert-Budget will not recognize the post-election[Baghdad – where]

The expert Tariq Harb law, that the remaining period of the age of the House of Representatives, is not enough to pass the budget bill for the country; difficult because there are realistically in finding incomplete quorum of the members of the Council.

He said the war, told all of Iraq [where], that “realistically unable House of Representatives, for a hearing full quorum for the second reading, and then vote on the budget bill, unless something gets between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government,” pointing out that ” There are very difficult to approve the budget; due to the remaining period of the life of the Council. ”

He noted that from a constitutional standpoint, “can not be deported to the House budget bill for the country, until after the elections; Because there is a gap of time between the election and the end of the age of the Council, in the 14/6 of this year. ”

She pointed to some of the political blocs that a coalition of state law, is trying to postpone the passage of the general budget of the country until after the elections, from which to negotiate with the Kurds, to form the next government after the results of the legislative elections.

The quartet headed by First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay al-Suhail, has visited Erbil in the past few days, but without reaching an agreement in solving problems related to the budget of the region and resolve the dispute with the government around the center.

Sources in Arbil, about a proposal by the Kurdistan Regional Government to the delegation of the Quartet, to form the federal government in Baghdad, a technical committee, of neutral experts assume the verification process of the potential of each province or territory oil producer, about the amount that could be exported, and not produced only Because production is export, and that this proposal will be binding on the Kurdistan if the Committee approved, as required every oil-producing provinces in Iraq, in order to get rid of all of the assumptions and preconditions, on the amount of what comes out of the oil, did not respond Baghdad after this proposal . Ended 2