Deputy for the national parliament to convene demanding to read the budget

Deputy for the national parliament to convene demanding to read the budget

Monday, April 14 / April 2014 15:30

Deputy for the national parliament to convene demanding to read the budget[Baghdad – where]

Demanded the MP for the National Alliance, Susan Saad House of Representatives to convene and read the budget and voted on for approval.

They confirmed Saad said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of “the continued delay of the Maronites damaged the interests of the state and the people, and must pass the budget” appeal “the Presidency of the Council of Representatives need Council held a hearing to read and approve the budget and called on members of parliament to attend and” fulfill their national duty ” .

Saad added, “We hope that hears the voice of the masses claim to speed up the adoption of the budget and to know because the unemployed have delayed the detriment of the interests of the people and the state, and we believe that Iraq is in dire need for approval.”

The current parliament will end its mandate in terms of realism on Monday [April 14], where you start the holiday season Legislative latter and ends from a constitutional standpoint, on June 14, as decided Presidency of the Council of Representatives last week, continued consistently and sessions until the end of the current legislative session, in the absence of approving the budget will continue to work to 14 June next year. ”

The House of Representatives may form on the sixth of this month, a parliamentary committee to resolve problems relating to the draft law of the financial budget between Gmuten federal and Kurdistan region consisting of an organic body presidency of the parliament [Qusay al-Suhail and Aref Tayfur and membership chairman of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Adnan al-Janabi, the head of the parliamentary Finance Committee Haider Abadi , and to negotiate with the governments of the center and the province to resolve the problems which are not entered by the parliament, “according to the opinion of the new committee.

Referred to the House of Representatives and with the proximity to hold parliamentary elections in 30 of the current month are still experiencing difficulty in holding its sessions to pass the budget, the center of the province for several blocks to the continuation of the dispute between them, especially relating to the share of the Kurdistan region, which stipulated that upon the federal government to export 400 000 barrels per day compared to granting its share of 17% of the budget. ended.