Maliki, even if it got 120 seats will not allow political blocs his candidacy for a third term

Hassan Alawi: Maliki, even if it got 120 seats will not allow political blocs his candidacy for a third term


Hassan Alawi-Maliki even if it got 120 seats will not allow political blocs his candidacy for a third termPalm – The independent MP and well-known writer, Hassan Alawi, on Friday, that the current Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, has to rely on himself if he wants to get a third term because the four blocks that helped him before, “will not do it again”, while detection of reporting Iran to block it with Hakim, who “won on the ground,” counting the electoral race waged with the Liberal bloc, constitutes “open for Islamic movements to the civil.”

The upper, in an interview with media that “al-Maliki amount raised by the four blocks or four stones, are Kurdish and Iraqi and thoracic (the ratio of the Sadrist movement), and Gimih (the ratio of the Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim),” referring to the fact that “the four blocks is not ready now because lift and being able to get a head of government, as happened before. ”

The MP added thinker and writer, that “al-Maliki will not find a mass of flies but himself,” noting that “the problem with al-Maliki, Flo won 120 parliamentary seats will be able to form the next government.”

The independent MP, that “the government formed under the national consensus and previous experience,” returned to “Maliki’s previous experience with the Kurdistan region does not encourage the renewal of his mandate.”

He revealed the top, for “the Islamic Supreme Council, headed by Ammar al-Hakim, to inform Iran that it has given the ministry of the Dawa party of three times, and we do not accept it again, because we are partners since the former opposition,” and added that “the Iranians responded to them that they are with who wins on the ground “.

And on his candidacy within the Liberal bloc, a bloc of Islamic “does not correspond with the views of secularism,” said the top, that “the confusion, but I do not have at the other end of the receiver,” returned that there is “a difference to be in an alliance or a parliamentary bloc that is affiliated to the party.”

And went independent MP, that “the Sadrist trend, but not a party,” adding that his candidacy “open for Islamic movements to civil Connie man civilians more than secular.”

And went on top, that there are “Muslims and Islamists, and the current conflict between them,” and added that “the Islamist group gave special specifications of Islam, Muslims and she brought him.”

The prosecutor continued and writer Hassan Alawi, “I’m you belong to a mass of Muslims, did not you to the Islamists, so I did not nominate myself with the Dawa Party or the Islamic Supreme Council,” pointing out that “the Sadrist social movement of Shiite Muslims, is open to the others, which encouraged me to including running. ”

The top had been nominated in previous elections within the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, then withdrew with a number of MPs, and the form of the white list, under his leadership but withdrew them also, and declared himself independent deputies.

The next parliamentary elections will be held on the thirtieth of this April, and are accompanied by provincial councils elections of the Kurdistan region, and that the last date for the distribution of electronic cards for the ballot is the twentieth of next month, and the total number of voters who are entitled to participate in the elections of 21 million and 592 thousand and 882 people , and that the propaganda campaign of the candidates began on the first of April.

The Electoral Commission for elections, announced (31 March 2014), on the nomination of nine thousand and 40 candidates to compete in the parliamentary elections which will be held in (the thirtieth of April 2014 present), indicating that about 28 candidates vying for each seat in the next parliament.