Planning: more than 670 billion dollars in oil revenues in 2017

Planning: more than 670 billion dollars in oil revenues in 2017

04/11/2014 16:27

Planning: more than 670 billion dollars in oil revenues in 2017Follow-up – and babysit – Ministry of Planning predicts, on Friday, to reach revenues of crude oil by 2017 to “670 billion dollars”, and stipulated that the arrival of exports from fields invested to “six million barrels per day”, and as pointed out that the proportion of the investment budget “will increase by more than 40% “of the general budget, confirmed that it” will be reflected positively on the reality of the sectors of industry, agriculture and energy projects. ”
The agent said Planning Minister Mahdi Keywords: “The five-year plan developed by the ministry took into account the amount of the increase in oil exports, especially after the announcement of most of the oil fields invested launch of its actual production of oil exports,” explaining that “the plan, which began in 2013 and will end in the year 2017 I an increase in oil exports provided the province to increase exports from fields before investing. ”

Keywords and explained that “the increase in exports until the year 2017 will reach 6 million barrels per day,” he said, adding that “by selling oil per barrel to $ 85, the oil revenues will exceed the (670) billion dollars.”

And the Deputy Minister of Planning said that “the increase in revenue will be reflected positively on the budget, especially the investment budget, which surely will increase over the (40%) of the total percentage of the budget,” he continued, “as he reflected on the focus for the advancement of the domestic sectors such as industry, agriculture and tourism as well as completion of all energy projects. ”

The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani said, in the (March 29, 2014), the opening of the West Qurna field, (2) the oil in the province of Basra, the second largest field in the world.

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