As Immunity Ends, Iraq Takes Measures to Protect its Funds

As Immunity Ends, Iraq Takes Measures to Protect its Funds


25k Iraqi Dinar notesgovernment has taken after consultation with international experts swift measures to protect Iraq’s money abroad.

comes at a time announced by the Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt to install 20 000 component of the gainfully employed daily within Charge of the Knights in 2008 on the permanent staffing and approve the transfer of services of employees of the Ministry of Interior of the holders of BA degree from the military to the wire civil.

Net said in an interview for «morning»: «22 next May will end the period granted by the President of the United States to provide immunity for money Iraq », stressing take a lot of measures in order to protect the money of follow-up creditors for debts that have not been resolved».

minister noted that the stakeholders met a week ago with international consultants to develop legal mechanisms and some financial procedures in order to avoid the possibility of booking money by some creditors for doubtful debts who are trying to harass Iraq using legal means ».

between net that «plan, financial, legal and came in consultation with international lawyers to protect the money, and at the same time we are working hard to settle the debt right with the parties creditor issued by the provisions of, or that have documents documented according to the Paris Club agreement that will enable Iraq during the settlement of foreign debt that his trust », expecting that« interact states with the desire of Iraq positively to end the file of debt, especially since the reconstruction of the debt exceeded more than 20 years ». , and on the Arab countries that have a debt, the minister said : «there is still a space large debt settlement amicably, especially large sums of money to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Emirates», saying «the existence of a genuine desire to resolve and end its case soon as possible, pointing out at the same time that« Kuwait confirmed the proximity of the end dossier ». , it announced net being able to obtain the formal approval to install gainfully employed daily within the Charge of the Knights in the state departments of all the permanent staffing.

minister noted that the number covered by a 20 000 member, urging them to see the headquarters of the Commission to support the reconstruction and Services Basra / Presidency of the Council of Ministers, for the purpose of making sure the inclusion of their names on the lists of the installation. also noted the formation of committees to audit the data subject to the resolution, as it is being prepared detailed lists Palmhmolin for the purpose of sending the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for approval on proofed, noting that the budget of 2014 included a financial allocation for their grades and their inclusion calculates the service they spent in their constituencies according to the law, which stipulates Add contract duration actual service.

explained Net that «decision proofed came confirmation targets Sawlat knights provide jobs unemployed sons Basra Governorate areas Other covered operations impose law 2008 as been allocated towards 20 000 jobs Bagger daily sons Basra in the service sector and other activities to develop the level of services, stressing his quest to proofed on the permanent staffing departments, similar to the provinces of Nineveh and Diyala ».

minister also said approval of the «request of a number of employees of the Ministry of Interior of the holders of BA degree shift from the military to the wire civil», saying in this connection: «we take into account the situation of university graduates in determining their level of career who are in a cop to commissioner now»., and continued: «the Interior Ministry to hold arrangements for granting degrees on Civil and cancellation of scores of military by the Department of Budget», saying «the proximity of the distribution between Civil circles after approving the budget, the public.