Hakim calls on Iraqis abroad to participate in the elections and warned of a return to deviant

Hakim calls on Iraqis abroad to participate in the elections and warned of a return to deviant

Wednesday, April 9 / April 2014 19:34

Hakim calls on Iraqis abroad to participate in the elections and warned of a return to deviant[Baghdad where]

The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, Iraqis abroad to participate in the elections scheduled to be held on April 30 and change for the better, noting that “the religious authority stressed the need for informed participation through the selection of the best and most efficient.

Hakim said in a speech today, in his office in Baghdad during a memorial service marking the anniversary of the martyrdom of Islamic thinker Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr, was attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where], “The Martyr al-Sadr carry approach and we have to commit ourselves to this approach, the knowledge and knowledge and build a nation, and sacrifice The certificate is to protect this nation, and planning and vision preserve this nation and defend it, and this project Martyr Sadr We need a vision and a plan and a project in order to protect this nation and move them to safety, so the anniversary of the martyrdom of al-Sadr opportunity to stand up and revise and correct the tracks, and do not back down in In our journey of our project, but we revise and correct the mistakes we discover and develop and develop from our ways and move forward with resolve and determination to achieve even that project who worked for him the martyr Imam al-Sadr. ”

He explained that “the blood of the martyr Sadr and the blood of the martyrs who have fallen in this way ask us to unite, and put hand in hand and squeeze the resolve of each other, and pay attention to that we are all in the same boat, and our destiny is one and our presence interdependent some in some, there is some seek to violate Aside from the ship is believed to be the other will sink, and this ship if it sank drowning everyone and we in such today that stress the unity and togetherness, solidarity and cooperation in the framework of the national public to be Iraqis, one nation and the infallibility of one stand generally hurricanes that challenge this nation. ”

And increased the wise saying, “We should be well aware that the deviant still dreaming of a return to feeds on the blood of our people are still Saddam’s Baath seeks to appear again a new look, so we have to unite and we must stand up against these attempts miserable, and do not return to the past and do not return back to reviewing nor retreat. ”

And “We are close to the election must ask ourselves and we are going in order to elect, do you go to the project? Would you offer solutions for our children, do you deal with their challenges and problems, do we have a clear vision put an end to the suffering of the Iraqis? This is the big question that we should ask the people of our people? “.

He Hakim said that “the broad participation and informed participation concepts I have spoken Supreme religious authority,” noting that “the broad participation we all must meet her and come out and siren all Amkanth to persuade the largest number of Iraqis to participate in self-determination and in their future. ”

The seal wise speech, “I want to draw my speech to my lovers and my parents and my brothers and sisters of Iraqis outside the country to communities Iraqi women in all of this vast land, my dears, O Iraqis abroad, do not tell what the value of our presence and we in this region in this state and in this city and in the This village in this remote place, or say we are twenty or fifty or a hundred what will change and what will contribute not say that because your presence and participation is the quality of it is a message Ttalegoha to the whole world that Iraqis care about the affairs of their country, and that Iraq is going we are the best, so it does not shorten the broad participation conscious in this election and change for the better. “ended