Maliki … ready for departure

Maliki … ready for departure

Posted 07/04/2014 10:13 AM

Maliki-ready for departureBAGHDAD – (Special) Uday Hatem *
preparing Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a possible departure, despite his assertion that he would not give up, and intends to proceed towards the renewal of his mandate.

Maliki faces a crisis of local, regional and other pay for the preparation of irreplaceable ensure his safety, attempts by political vendetta, or legal prosecution.

According to Iraqi sources for “toss” that al-Maliki agreed with his coalition “rule of law”, and the top leaders of the Islamic Dawa Party, to be a replacement for the position of prime minister, the office manager Tarek Najm.

The sources added that “this does not mean that al-Maliki surrendered to the status quo, or that he does not wish to renew his mandate,” asserting that “al-Maliki will run to a third term.”

The sources indicated: “If al-Maliki found strong opposition from other political blocs, and neighboring countries, and the United States, it would be required to accept the office manager Tarek Najm substitute for it, and give him a position of vice president in exchange withdraw his candidacy to the prime minister.”

She noted that “al-Maliki feared political retaliation, and the prosecution, where he does not trust the members of his party, with the exception of Tariq star.”

The sources said that “al-Maliki believed that nothing will guarantee his safety only this procedure.”

And Iraq is going through a difficult phase of the turbulent history since more than a decade, is diminishing every day spaces optimism to achieve political stability, including withdrawing entirely on security and stability, and economic, and the start of construction traffic and growth, which it needs.

Stands differing visions, goals and interests, and links in front of opportunities restore cohesion and trust between the parties were part of the political process, so that the religious leaders and religious are more parties to a directive of the criticism of the political elites in both the Iraqi cabinet or in the House of Representatives because of the outcome of the situation of the country.

The Iraqi politicians that al-Maliki began to lose all his allies adult, “it is not a case of d with the Supreme Council, and not so well with the Sadrists, and did not calculate any account of the possible reaction of this trend being described their spiritual leader, Muqtada al-Sadr Balogr modern politics.” .

The al-Maliki in the case of political rivalry with Sunni parties, which see it as a case of exclusivity dictatorship, specifically with the outbreak of the crisis in Anbar, according to these.

The data indicate local Iraqi, that al-Maliki, is in crisis rife with the Kurdistan Alliance, at a time when analysts say that members of the state law, “pour oil on the fire’s remarks raise prejudices hostilities against the Kurdish people, and you are trying to spread the spirit of selfishness and greed, and misconceptions when citizens.”

At the international level, these stresses, that al-Maliki was “not in sync with most of the regional countries, which seemed like a no fear of venturing visited his lukewarm reception, or perhaps fear of apologizing for his reception, as did Saudi Arabia when he apologized to the king that is occupied.”