Washington will push to pass the budget

Legal expert confirms the survival of one week on the age of the parliament and analysts: Washington will push to pass the budget

Monday, April 7 / April 2014 12:36

Washington will push to pass the budget[Baghdad – where]

The legal expert Tareq Harb said only one week left on the age of the House of Representatives its current session.

The war told all of Iraq [where] that “the current parliament will end its mandate in terms of realism in 4/14/2014 where you start the holiday season Legislative latter ends of the Constitutional 06/14/2014 and turns it parliamentarians that deadline to ordinary citizens and raise them legal immunity that they enjoy now. ”

He said the “House of Representatives and in the case of cancellation of vacationing legislative compulsory as stipulated by the constitution and hold-time decision of the President of the Council or a request from [50] deputies can not be discussed unless a law or a single issue, such as the budget bill, financial and otherwise, because sessions are exceptional calls referred to the Speaker or the request of its members. ”

The legal expert said that “the mandate of the House of Representatives will end constitutionally, as we said in the June 14 next after this date will switch the current government to a caretaker for the absence of legislative and supervisory role of the Parliament.”

It was the Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided on Sunday continued time the parliament and the holding of its meetings until the end of the current legislative session on April 15 and in the current absence will continue to always be passed to the 14 of June.

For his part, likely, analysts and observers enter the United States on the line of approving the budget, the financial crisis.

Said political analyst and confident Hashemi’s [where] “We believe that the budget will not recognize in the light of bitter conflicts found only one case, a compressor is the U.S. which is always intervene at critical times and forcing all parties to make decisions after that put people in front of difficult situations and disrupt the interests of the state and the people “.

He also added that “Parliament did not give a thing which is disabled for more than a year with a political situation of crisis simultaneously with the elections, which are used as a card in this scene is complex and there are attempts to postpone the adoption of the budget to the next parliamentary session to hit one another strongly and this great imbalance we see in the Iraqi scene.”

Promised political analyst formation of parliamentary committees to resolve the budget crisis as “just a red herring because it does not have the capacity and authority to resolve differences and that the sources of power found in the leaders of the main blocs who said they had the desire to pass the budget and pass laws will be issued them orders Congress bloc that go to Parliament and vote. ”

Al Hashimi said that “the majority of members of parliament do not know Is there a vote or not is ironic that members of Parliament and during our meeting with them we told them you Stsoton said we do not know has not brought us up later and thus is a process of subordination of the political blocs and the wasting of the right of Parliament, elected by the Iraqi people.”

The House of Representatives has formed yesterday a parliamentary committee to resolve problems relating to the draft law of the financial budget between Gmuten federal and Kurdistan region consisting of the Presidency of the Parliament [Qusay al-Suhail and Aref Tayfur and membership chairman of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Adnan al-Janabi, the head of the parliamentary Finance Committee Haider Abadi, and to negotiate with the governments center and the region to solve the problems that are not entered by the parliament, “according to the opinion of the new committee.

Referred to the House of Representatives and with the proximity to hold parliamentary elections in 30 of the current month are still experiencing difficulty in holding its sessions to pass the budget, the center of the province for several blocks to the continuation of the dispute between them, especially relating to the share of the Kurdistan region, which stipulated that upon the federal government to export 400 000 barrels per day compared to granting its share of 17% of the budget. ended 16