Maliki: postponement of the elections opens fire of hell on Iraq

Maliki: postponement of the elections opens fire of hell on Iraq

Posted 03/04/2014 10:33 AM

Maliki-postponement of the elections opens fire of hell on IraqBabinaoz / World: Prime Minister of Iraq that parliamentary elections would be held on schedule, and stressed the need to form a majority government policy and not the government of consensus, warning that postponing the elections would open the fire of hell in Iraq and ending the country.

In his weekly, Maliki called for the election commission to take punitive measures against entities that are trying to buy votes, and a description of the sale of his voice that has no honor or honor.
stressed that the measures taken by the Commission to prevent fraud, and expressed optimism about the upcoming elections scheduled for 30 From this month, noting that Iraq needs to change and stability, noting that this will not happen, but when it improves citizen choice.

During his speech by declaring the electoral program of the State of Law coalition in Baghdad Wednesday, revealed al-Maliki, for bargains and attempts to postpone the elections, while explained that he vehemently rejected compromise some have to be postponed versus staying in power, and pointed out that the delay will open the “fires of hell”, stressing that “it is not right for anyone to postpone the elections.”

Maliki said: “If the elections were postponed Iraq ended and the fire of hell opened on us from the problems and violations of legal and constitutional, and we especially amid a fierce battle against terrorism.”

He stressed that Iraq has returned to his surroundings and all the countries opened embassies has exception “that installed composite Satan and bet on sectarian killings and violence,” while stressing the importance of the need for a lot of beating on the heads of the corrupt who have entered the country to ruin it.

The Iraqi relations with the countries of the world have passed crises many during the reign of the former regime, also saw Iraq’s relations with the world’s other crises after the occupation in 2003 and the subsequent deterioration in the political and security situation, which reflected negatively on its external relations, but the wheel on Foreign Relations recovered the impact of the improved security situation and the facilities provided by the Iraqi government began in the field of investment.

It is worth mentioning that the parliamentary elections is the biggest event in Iraq, they determine the cluster, which nominates the prime minister and take over the top positions in the state, is scheduled to take place on April 30, 2014, and subsequently began political movements active in several directions to form alliances in order to contest the election.