International banks seeking to invest in Iraq


BAGHDAD – Al Sabah  said Director of the Association of private banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun, the Bank of Qatar will contribute to the capital of Al-Mansour Bank and the National is not involved with him, indicating he would help Al-Mansour Bank to perform transactions Foreign Kalhawwalat and instruments.   The Bank of Qatar has obtained the approval of the Central Bank of Iraq to buy half shares Bank Al-Mansour Al-Ahli. said Hassoun: The entry of Bank of Qatar with Al-Mansour Bank Ahli came for the purpose of contributing and not participating banking but it will help Mansour on the employment of his business offshore banking Kalhawwalat offshore banking and the exchange of instruments which is a “D arm of Foreign Affairs of Bank Al-Mansour.”   The director of the Association of private banks : There are ongoing negotiations between private banks and the world to participate, likely that the coming period would witness the announcement of the partnership of international banks with Iraqi banks with their own money and perform their duties in banking.   He said: This initiative provides an incentive for domestic banks to negotiate with banks and Arab world in order to participate and contribute in the banking , in addition to the transfer of modern banking technology and it is aspired to by many of the private banks.