In 2017 Iraq to enter in severe financial crisis

In 2017 Iraq to enter in severe financial crisis, says Chalabi

01 Apr 2014

Iraqi dinarA member of the Citizen bloc, MP Ahmad Chalabi asserted that Iraq will face a financial crisis in 2017.
In a press meeting, he said that he has notes on the budget, which includes the contrast between the introduction and the text of the budget law, as well as addresses the large deficits of up to 60 trillion dinars.
He added, “If things continue as they are now, the country will face a cash crisis in 2017.” For his part, the head of the citizen bloc, Baqer Jabr al-Zubaidi said, on the reasons for determining the 2017 as the year of the crisis, ” I’ve made a study to the President of Parliament refers to the real deficit not schematic .”
He added that “the real deficit will reflect negatively on the country’s cash position in 2015 and 2016,” adding that “Iraq will go, according to it, in a serious crisis.”
About attending the parliament’s session, today he confirmed that “all MPs of the citizens bloc attended today’s meeting.”