Kurds deny the presence of two deputies Ktlthma parliament session to discuss the budget

Kurds deny the presence of two deputies Ktlthma parliament session to discuss the budget

Thursday, 27 March / March 2014 16:02

Kurds deny the presence of two deputies Ktlthma parliament session to discuss the budget[Baghdad – where]

Denied two deputies from the Kurdistan Alliance news Ktlthma attend the parliamentary session at the Parliament on Sunday to discuss the draft law on the budget for fiscal 2014.

It is scheduled to hold the House of Representatives on Sunday its regular agenda includes the second reading of the budget.

The Alliance MP Mahmoud Othman told all of Iraq [where] there was “no truth to the news of our presence in Sunday’s session was not Notify us to read the budget,” noting that “our presence the meeting for not confined only to the budget, but there are other bills are on the agenda.”

He added that “if there is an agreement between became the center and the region about the budget and we hope that, especially with the existence of progress in the dialogues, we will attend the meeting and if they do not get an agreement, we will attend also subscribe without regarding the budget.”

Othman continued that “the budget depends on the agreement and there is progress in the negotiations on that side, but not a final agreement, and if there is an agreement to Sunday Fsnhoudr session and otherwise would not Nchrk with respect to the budget,” stressing “the existence of dialogues and communications and provides the steps but there is no final agreement until declares” .

For his part, the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mehdi Haji also “lack Thblbg to attend Sunday’s session.”

Said Haji’s [where] “We will attend the parliament session on Sunday to the presence of important laws are included in the agenda and must be passed, either about the budget Vlhadd far there are no signs of the agreement and that they fail to reach an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, then we will have the same position not to attend the meeting of the budget” .

And between Haji “We did not hear any agreement until the tripartite committee parliamentary charged with resolving a dispute budget there is no agreement to the results of their discussions and that there was a chance to make it happen, but if things remain so will not bring parliament session, which includes the agenda, the budget,” denying notified to attend Sunday’s session.

The MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, both Talabani, announced on Thursday the participation of the Kurds in the House of Representatives House hearing scheduled for next Sunday, which will include the second reading of the draft federal budget law.

Talabani explained in a press statement that “the Kurdistan Alliance, told deputies from the leadership of the block to attend the next Sunday,” adding that “there also seems to have agreed on a solution regarding the budget for the year 2014 on the differences that exist between the KRG and the federal government.”

She MP Talabani, “it was the presence of warning us that the next meeting include the budget as a result of a rapprochement between the two sides, according to findings of the tripartite joint committee to discuss the budget disagreements.”

It is said that the parliament decided earlier adjourn until is agreement in Baghdad and Erbil to resolve disputes relating to the export of oil and the budget, and despite the announcement of the Kurdistan region intention to export [100] thousand barrels of oil per day beginning next month as a gesture of good faith to resolve the dispute and so welcomed the federal government but the two sides did not announce until now to reach a final agreement. ended 2.