Position of governor of the central bank reveals the intentions of the Government

“National”: Set close to the head of the government in the position of governor of the central bank reveals the intentions of the Government of the hazardous

Posted 22/03/2014 02:00 PM

Position of governor of the central bank reveals the intentions of the GovernmentBAGHDAD – “arenas of Liberation”
Warned the coalition of “national” which is led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi of manipulating the cash reserve at the Central Bank of Iraq, saying that the appointment of close associates of the prime minister in the office of the Governor of the Central Bank reveals the dangerous intentions of the government.

A statement for the coalition of “national” that “the executive branch will continue its attempts desperate to control the various independent institutions according to the constitution, including the Central Bank of Iraq one of the most independent institutions entrusted by the Constitution linked to the House of Representatives to gravity on economic reality.”

He added: “The consecration of the dominance of the government and the president on this institution, gave Mr. Maliki for himself the right to oust Mr. Shabibi Iraqi Central Bank Governor, a personal efficient and fair, to repeat the same thing with his successor, Acting Mr. Abdel Basset Turki, without being subject to these measures of dismissals and appointments for discussion in Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives and with the political forces. ”

He said that “the trend to set a new governor and the agency is close to Prime Minister governor of the Central Bank reveals serious and premeditated intentions to the provisions of grip on all state institutions to achieve the goals of a serious impact on trails and the future of the country and its political system.”

He warned the “coalition of the National severely compromising the independence of the Central Bank of Iraq or manipulated cash reserves.”

Calling for “all political forces to address firmly Per policies chaotic and violations of the Constitution and the adoption of the principle of separation of powers, as demanded by the government, as an alternative to these practices, investment optimization of the funds allocated for investment projects which re more than half a year to the Ministry of Finance because of the failure and the lag in the implementation of projects, and protect the national economy from the corruption that eats away at all government facilities, institutions, and provide final accounts for the previous financial year, and the development and support of the private sector and encourage national and foreign investments to ensure the national interest. ”