USA offers to mediate to settle disputes over 2014 State budget

USA offers to mediate to settle disputes over 2014 State budget



Baghdad (AIN) –The United States of America expressed its readiness to mediate between the Federal Government and Kurdistan Regional Government to settle the disputes related to 2014 State Budget.

The media office of the Second Deputy Premier of KRG, MP Arif Tayfur, of the Kurdistani Alliance reported in a statement received by AIN “Tayfur hosted the US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iraq and Iran Affairs, Brett Macrik, and his accompanying delegation at his office where they discussed the recent political situations in Iraq and regional arena.”

”Tayfur emphasized that the Kurdistani Alliance is demanding to grant all the rights of Kurdish people, especially in terms of revenues of oil exports where the State Budget project should satisfy all involved sides,” the statement added.

”The US official expressed the readiness of his country to help the Iraqi politicians and mediate among them to settle the disputes between the National Alliance and the Kurdistani Alliance regarding the 2014 State Budget,” the statement concluded.