Washington recognizes Iraq 100 Hellfire missile and fast new weapons

Washington recognizes Iraq 100 Hellfire missile and fast new weapons

03/16/2014 19:45

Washington recognizes Iraq 100 Hellfire missile and fast new weaponsFollow-up – and babysit – The U.S. embassy in Baghdad announced that Iraq handed over her meal of new weapons and ammunition important intervention in the fight against terrorism.
The statement said the embassy had received news agency public opinion, a copy of it today that “the United States continues to accelerate the delivery of arms and ammunition Iraq under the Strategic Framework Agreement and the long-term security partnership between the two countries.”

“The delivery of these weapons comes in response to specific requests by Iraq and consistent with the overall policy for combating terrorism, which included taking measures of political, economic and security associated with it,” he said, adding that he was “on the level of security, it is necessary to equip the Iraqi security forces with modern weapons effective to be able to address the serious threats posed by now Daash for Iraq and the region. ”

And that “the United States is determined to provide assistance to the Iraqi security forces to deal with such threats and to protect the population in coordination with the local commanders and tribal leaders, has the United States earlier this month to hand over about a hundred missiles” Hellfire Hellfire “with hundreds of thousands of shots ammunition and rifles “M 4 M4″ has been handed this meal of weapons after an assessment of an important common to the needs of Iraq of weapons conducted by security experts from Iraq and the United States, where she represented this meal last link in the food chain of the important weapons that have been delivered to Iraq. ”

The statement pointed out “that since mid-January, was handed over Iraqi security forces more than a eleven million rounds of ammunition, thousands of machine guns, sniper rifles and assault rifles,” M-16 S, and M 4M4 M16s “and thousands of rounds of exploratory” Flares ” The grenades and other weapons. ”

They pointed to the U.S. Embassy “is scheduled to take place in the coming weeks, additional meals and delivery of weapons, according to the Foreign Military Sales program, taking into account the U.S. measures of transparency and credibility that accompany the process of delivery.”

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