Economists seem to fear from the application of the customs tariff

Economists seem to fear from the application of the customs tariff

Friday, 07 March / March 2014 11:49

Economists seem to fear from the application of the customs tariff[Babylon – where]

Showed businessmen and specialists in economic affairs in the province of Babylon, fear of rising prices for goods after the application of the general customs tariff law.

Mt_khason confirmed that the first loser will be the consumer and the citizen being the weakest link in the chain of the economic cycle, in addition to the loss of the basic components to support domestic production and reduce the volume of imports.

He added that “the value of the tariff reflected certainly on prices and cause a rise and affect large segments of the community where you will include customs tariff of all materials used in everyday life, and stressed the need for the application of the customs tariff on all border crossing points to ensure fair prices, as well as uneven earnings merchants.”

About it, said the director of the Chamber of Commerce of Babylon Sadiq Hashim Afaihan’s [where], “The decision to enforce the law will include more than a hundred material as reported by the Ministry of Planning and include materials used in sectors Allantajabih or key projects and basic materials Kalgmaih and construction, but the list of substances covered by the not yet been announced, and the value of the tariff ranging between [5-15%] after it was [5%] only. ”

To the merchant said Adnan and berries to the reporter by all of Iraq [where], that “in the event of activation of the customs tariff law will affect the living conditions of the Iraqi people and will carry negative consequences and serious repercussions on the economic reality as well as it will create instability Add to that the market will be open to foreign goods The prices are very expensive impact on low-income earners. ”

He expressed an economist Hussein hilarious surprise at the implementation of the law amid the lack of basic ingredients for the advancement of the domestic industry and the protection of the local product and pumping large amounts of basic materials imported from Iran and other countries. ”

He added that “the customs tariff on imported goods is good and supports the local product availability in light of the atmosphere and careful planning to apply but in light of the situation that Iraq is going through the step is calculated and the results will have a negative impact on the people.

He added that the application of the customs tariff must be accompanied by the existence of a domestic industry integrated and able to provide the needs of citizens, but today our industry did not provide the proper ground of electricity or laws supporting investor or soft loans to support the local investor. “Ended 20