Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-6-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-6-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions3-6-2014 Newshound Guru Enorrste Article: “Is the process will delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency to stop rigged?!” this article is a confirmation that we are on the right track. There will be a beginning of a free float THIS YEAR, followed by a GRADUAL RISE IN THE VALUE OF THE DINAR which will lead to a GRADUAL REMOVAL OF THE LARGE NOTES as the value of the dinar rises. Our journey is about to bear its fruit, assuming nothing ELSE comes along to derail it!

3-6-2014 Newshound Guru Stryker Article: “Is the process will delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency to stop rigged?!” Quote: “memory that the currencies of existing and new will work at the same time without reducing the value of any of them until the full absorption currency Current” This IMO, says that all the currencies will have the same value and neither will be reduced according to this quote. Meaning each dinar no matter old or new will have the same value, example: Each dinar in a 25,000 dinar note will have the same value as the new 25 dinar note, IF each dinar is equal to $1 USD then the new 25 dinar note will be worth $25.00 USD and the 25,000 dinar note will be worth $25,000 USD.

3-6-2014 Newshound Guru Kaperoni The important thing to remember is they need to put all the pieces in place for the market economy before they begin to raise the value. Based on many comments, the value will be market driven…so they do not want to screw it up and have the currency fail. We need to be patient.

3-6-2014 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: “CBI records 163 million dollars in sales today” This is a couple of days old…I reposted it to make a couple of points…Recently they have been recording record lows…with 97,000,000 being the lowest in years.1) Key phrase…”He added that the bulletin showed that the number of banks participating in the auction today of 17 banks did not make any of them offers to sell the dollar.” <<< This implies the CBI DID NOT SELL any of the 17 banks USD…meaning they were selling them IQD ONLY.

3-6-2014 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG 2) Key phrase…”while the value of foreign remittances 134 000 722 thousand dollars and the exchange rate was 1187 dinars per dollar…” – clearly makes the point there were “foreign remittances” – meaning NOT DINAR being remitted to the CBI…using the USD value as a baseline… FOR DINAR.

Fact check, If you read the following results for today’s currency auction from the Arabic site, they are selling DOLLARS. Quote: DETAILS NOTES
The number of banks contributing to the auction 16
Price foundation on which successful bidder selling dinars / USD 1166
The price at which successful bidder Hraoua JD / dollar —–
The amount sold by the bank at auction – USD 146 573 000
The amount purchased by the bank at auction – USD —–
Total Offers to Buy – U.S. 146 573 000
Total Sell Offers – U.S. —-
The two websites are contradictory.

3-6-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday […what…about no WTO ascension for ten years?] i have to say that the lack of active membership for 10 years is not what i think at all — i can not imagine with all of the growth they have planned and the 5 year plan in place that they would not be active for ten years. we are in a very good spot and the news gets better everyday — i am excited about where we are and see us not waiting much longer due to the plans they have set for the country and for the globe as well. […CBI can revalue the currency at any time to move to a market economy.] i agree — at anytime and it is one of the CBI steps and they are in the middle of getting them done one at a time — so one of them is what we are looking for — the change in the rate.

3-5-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [any good news on when we might see the budget and HCL implemented and done?] There has been a lot of talk lately on BOTH of those issues, so I think things are looking good for us! [I have read that the elections will be post-poned.. How will that effect us and will Maliki still control everything?] I am more surprised when things are NOT delayed in Iraq! At the end of the day, it’s still the CBI that’s in charge of the exchange rate. I’m pretty sure Maliki isn’t going to be voted out soon, so a delay in the elections won’t matter much. [How does Iraq’s WTO accession or lack thereof affect the RV?] I don’t think it makes any difference at all. The CBI controls the rate, not the WTO. If the CBI says they are paying $1 USD per 1 IQD, the WTO can’t stop them or force them to change a rate.

3-5-2013 Intel Guru TD I am still in touch with my contact although I am not an active Investor anymore. I was able to find out a few items of interest…: Maliki is under heavy pressure from ALL SIDES and time quickly running out before elections. Struggles with insurgents continues. The government financial balance sheet is in crisis mode with no help from Parliamentary members. Parliament is even more divided than even our US Congress & MOST will not act on anything to help the Maliki administration.

3-5-2014 Intel Guru TD The buzzword of severe letdown was the WTO ascension being put off AT LEAST ONE YEAR, MOST LIKELY TWO. Further negotiations of this are DOA till 2015 or beyond. According to my source it even now seems unlikely for RI, RD to be put into effect till a new government forms this summer. Maliki as it stands now will not win re-election as support from various factions is dismal. IF MALIKI STEALS AWAY ELECTIONS LOOK FOR A CIVIL WAR TO ERUPT IS THE MESSAGE OF GRAVEST CONCERN RIGHT NOW!

3-5-2014 Misinformed Guru Everything is signed off, Iraq, Maliki and the UST have done all they are supposed to do. Everyone is just waiting for a certain time, but they are excited and saying that IT IS OVER AND DONE. We know it’s not actually over and done until I am walking out of the bank. The GCR is supposed to be announced today, and that cannot happen without the RV happening. We are hearing things have been on TV, CNBC, a ticker tape at the bottom saying that China signed off on the VND and the rate it is to come out at is $6.05…that is the high rate. It may not open up at that rate & may not stay there long.

3-5-2014 Misinformed Guru The call centers & currency exchange centers are manned and lunch is to be brought in to them and phones have to be left in their cars so they cannot contact anyone. The 800#’s have been released to the banks and some individuals have them too, but can’t give them out yet until it’s public knowledge. Other things are happening…it’s not just the GCR/RV. It has to do a lot to do with our future as a nation that is causing part of the delay. There is a rumor saying China is going to pull out. They have set a deadline…drew a line in the sand & we’re very close to it. I am hoping for the RV…It could happen in the next 10 mins, 10 hours or next 24 hours. I know rate or what they said it would be. [Are double digit rates still possible?] Yes, they are still possible.

3-5-2014 Misinformed Guru Just because someone said the Chinese pulled out does not make it true…this is business and they are stronger then ever. They haven’t gone anywhere, they still have there headquarters in the US, everything is running like its suppose to… Things expected (rv, gcr…) are in swift movement with no delays, rates are still attractive and deemed high…The Global Reset is now on its arise, it is in the air and being fitted into place by those in the know. …this rv situation now is imminent and that all shall transpire strictly as planned.

3-5-2014 Intel Guru SteveI I am confident just from the facts that we are so very close to having this investment payoff sooner rather than later. According to Ray’s [Guru Ray] sources, we should see the budget getting voted on this week. Many of you keep saying…that the budget has nothing to do with a change in the Iraqi currency..believe what you want. I base my beliefs on facts only. It is what it is and the facts point to a change very soon.

3-5-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 [via Anonymous] all the articles this week show they are running out of time, and all the procedures steps they are doing will collapse down into one big step which is the release of the new rate!

3-5-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday Article quote: “The federal budget is not just like any other laws they represent the backbone of the life and durability of the Iraqi state in the facilities of life all…” they are obviously announcing that the budget is the open window to the world…we should see the budget in the very near future…i have to say that all of the timelines they have stated that are within the month — i am very encouraged.