Government: the budget is ready and sent to Parliament Audited

Government: the budget is ready and sent to Parliament Audited

5/3/2014 0:00

Government: the budget is ready and sent to Parliament AuditedKeywords confirms the implementation of the pension law retroactively
BAGHDAD – Tariq al-Sabah
Confirmed that the government sent a draft budget bill for 2014 to the House of Representatives is ready and auditors, surprising lack of inclusion of the law on the agenda of its meetings so far.
said Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords: “The Council of Ministers suggested Tab financial budget, according to the projects implemented by ministries and institutions, According to the need of the ministries of the projects implemented by, do not be a financial allocations, according to percentages for each ministry and each sector, but that the House insist that provides budget, according to the contexts of the past years. ”

laws Off

added Keywords in a press statement, said that “most of the developed countries deal on according to the principle of funding for projects urgent and implemented, and the need for ministries of each project, “noting that” the central government has provided hundreds of bills to the House of Representatives, and is still 50 bill which hang in the House of Representatives, some of which has not been read a first reading so far, while still project financial budget for the current year outside the parliament’s agenda, despite the fact that the project is ready and Checker by the Finance Committee in Parliament, pending the vote proceed with the executive implementation of the projects. “He continued:” The appointments related degrees own civil and military, despite being subject to quotas, but It is still looking for solutions because of differences within the parliament, and complexities within the Monobloc, on a particular component, where there is no agreement on a person nominated by a particular block, which led to the existence of vacancies in those positions, either to be vacant or managed by proxy. ”


regard to international reports, called Keywords international organizations to be carefully addressed to transparency reports on Iraq, and that is not based on media reports only, but there is a need to conduct interviews with decision-makers to know the measures taken by the government in the fight against financial and administrative corruption, especially that Iraq Now site agreements transparency for the extraction of oil and the statement of sales and exports, and the quantities of exported oil, and how to spend imports, according to the transparency of the world. “As for the Unified Retirement Law, the Alak said:” The Unified Retirement Law made ​​by the central government and passed by the House of Representatives is one of the best laws in the world. “and pointed out that the government was going to make another law as well as the pension law, covers all workers in the private sector, and was the top of an ambitious government inclusion of more segments of society, retirement and social security, but the delay in approving the retirement law prevented submitted in a timely manner.

effect retroactive

“The Unified Retirement Law represents a model ahead, especially as the government challenged with material or articles contained therein, not the law as a whole,” stressing that the law will be implemented with retrospective effect from 1.1.2014., meanwhile, discussed the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers plan strategy for the years 2014-2017.
According to a statement of the Secretariat received “morning,” a copy of it, the Keywords said during a regular meeting of the Council Secretariat: It is important to use information technology and the expansion of the process used as a deepening investment and the application of modern standards in institutional work.
confirmed Secretary year, “efforts should be made ​​towards bridging the relationship between the government and the House of Representatives to avoid a lot of obstacles and problems.” Adding that “the Secretariat role high importance in the process of interpreting the decisions and building pathways to work on according to the correct contexts, as it is able to persuade the House of Representatives points that may be vague or talked confusions to prevent their use within the interpretations is sound and entered into the dilemma of the politicization of the files.” The Secretary-General during the meeting that the Secretariat to take the lead and work to be a successful mediator between the cabinet and the parliament could be through the provision of educational programs and seminars, and workshops for availability on practical steps to supply the institutional work in general.
new system of balance

of On the other hand initiated the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to form a central committee for the implementation of a new system to balance the fact that the problem is the start of preparation and tab, and the foundations upon which the.
said a source in the Office of Media and Government Communications at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of the “morning” that the announcement of the Secretary General on the Keywords formation Commission came during his participation in the First National Conference on obstacles legislative and administrative implementation of the investment budget in the provinces of Iraq, which was held in the province of Najaf, in coordination with the advisory board, headed by Minister in collaboration with the U.S. Agency for International Development.
source noted that the Keywords asserted that the budget discussion is healthy and properly and gives Then the real. Noting that the budget has multiplied its goals and challenges faced by reality and institutional culture upon which these institutions for many years. Pointed out that the involvement of the public, according to assumed the democratic system in the budget discussion gives great importance in line with the desire to build a developed country, indicating that the problem is in the budget, starting from Setup tab and the grounds upon which it initiated the Secretariat to the formation of a central committee for the implementation of a new system of balance.