Budget officially arrived yesterday and the government bears the burden of delay after law amended four times

Parliament: Budget officially arrived yesterday and the government bears the burden of delay after law amended four times

Tuesday, 04 March / March 2014 17:56

Budget officially arrived yesterday and the government bears the burden of delay after law amended four times[Baghdad – where]

House has denied the accusations against him responsible for approving a bill to disable Almwalzna public finances of the state in 2014.

According to a statement of the Council received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it “at a time when being a download House of Representatives responsible for the delay in approving the federal budget for the year 2014 and is accused of not to exercise its constitutional role in the vote on the budget and disrupt the interests of the state and citizens see a duty to clarify the truth of what surrounds Send budget bill, some of the mysteries of deliberately overlooked to convince the House that the delay adoption of the budget. ”

The statement added, “has arrived in the budget bill for the first time to the House of Representatives from the Office of the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs under his No. 4 / S 503/438 on 1/16/2014 after seventy days of the deadline under paragraph 2 of Section 4 of Appendix A. of the Financial Administration Act and the Public Debt No. 94 for the year 2004 without being accompanied government final accounts for the financial year ending in 2013, contrary to the provisions of Article 62 / I of the Constitution, however, and Nglaba for the higher interests of the people and to ensure that the principle of Time regularity of the conduct of public utilities in the state has taken measures Fundamentalism in the House of Representatives and referred to the relevant committees on the same day. ”

However, the statement, “but dated 29/01/2014 reported to the Council Book of the Ministry of State for Parliamentary Affairs No. 4 / S 503/952 for referring to the Council of Ministers Decision No. 34 of 2014 containing the modified draft general budget bill after two weeks of sending the bill has taken the Council as soon as it measures its own for the second time. ”

“I then reported the ministry mentioned book number 4 S / 503/1579 on 02.18.2014 for referring to delete one of the articles of the draft law after more than one month from the date of sending the bill nevertheless took the House of Representatives procedures on the same day for the third time.”

He “also arrived to the House Council of Ministers Decision No. 74 of 2014, taken in its meeting held on 18.02.2014 and book stores under the Ministry of State s number 4/503/2212 of 03.03.2014 and which is beneficial to amend the budget bill again , the Council has taken all measures fundamentalist about it for the fourth time. ”

The statement noted that “the House of Representatives as it confirms that the measures mentioned intersect with the Constitution and the law and that is the government that bears the burden of delay budget bill, it shows that the official date for the arrival of the budget bill for the year 2014 as the final hour until the preparation of the statement is 03/03/2014 After one hundred and twenty days from the deadline unless send other modifications in the future. ”

He stressed the House of Representatives, according to the statement that “the adoption of the budget bill is considered one of the most important priorities, and that he is eager to enact the law anyway to resolve the differences that included doubling the texts received from the government, even though the bill may love carefully and tan was the reassurance interests of all components of the Iraqi people to facilitate command passed in the House of Representatives and the Council to enter in the midst of heated debate between the political forces, so the debate that was supposed to settle in the government instead of exporting it to the House of Representatives. ”

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has been accused in his weekly Wednesday the House of Representatives “evasion” in the budget discussion, noting that “the House of Representatives in the last sessions in a step towards moving away and escape from the discussion of the budget goes toward other laws loaded Mali extra time in which Off balance and escape from this process maturity. ”

Addressing al-Maliki, the House of Representatives, “he is not the right to disable the budget and discussed what is present in front of you and Adloha as you are playing in a lot of laws and Adloha and accept it either to leave the budget and calls for some of the House of Representatives or the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to keep the meeting open in the sense we do not want to get into the budget discussion This means that we do not want to meet the entitlements of citizens that have embarked on clear rules. “ended