Economic Commission expects the dollar due to delay budget

Economic Commission expects the dollar due to delay budget

BAGHDAD / JD /. Economic Commission predicted high sale price of the dollar, due to the delay in approving the budget, while suggesting that the long delay will lead to disruption of the pay of retirees, and install the grades

A member of the Economic Commission MP Albjara told Nora / JD / that the issue of the budget has become a political issue more than it is the subject of state-building economic cares, expressing the regret of the government to pursue the introduction of political file in each ÇáăćÖíÚ.

It confirmed that the delay in approving the budget will lead to a delay in the payment of pensions, and disable the installation of grades, to the month of July or August next.

She added that there is a rise in exchange rates will happen in the currency rates in light of the budget delay, in addition to the delayed payment instruments transferred, and the amounts of investors.

The Committee on the economy and investment representative, had warned of intercepting the International Monetary Fund on the federal budget for the year 2014 due to increase its fiscal deficit to more than 35 billion dollars.

A member of the Committee MP Hussein Mura’bi in an earlier statement to the Agency / JD /: “The increasing deficit of the general federal budget to more than 35 billion dollars will play objection large and categorical rejection by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, because it will lead to problems of economic and financial in the country It may affect the market becomes faulty and conflicts between fiscal and monetary policy of the country. “

He added: “Any increase in the amount added to the budget setting calls to restore the budget bill to the government, but this time not allowed to bring it back to the government, especially as the time remaining for the lifetime of the parliament a few days.”