Officials in Babylon hold banks responsible for the reluctance of the projects and to encroach upon the laws

Officials in Babylon hold banks responsible for the reluctance of the projects and to encroach upon the laws

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 08:43

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Officials in Babylon hold banks responsible for the reluctance of the projects and to encroach upon the lawsPregnancy officials in the Office of the province of Babylon, private banks and the reluctance of government responsibility projects and overtaking on the laws in order to get clients. ”

The deputy governor of Babylon for Technical Affairs Moussa Omran Mamouri reporter Agency all of Iraq [where] that “the local government, both executive and legislative branches have a close relationship with the banks, which number [18], distributed across the province, noting that” most of the projects are related to banks private sector , where the letters of guarantee given to the contractor and then his financial efficiency. ”

He added that “all banks in the province provide the Contractor letters of guarantee, but the truth does not have the cash, which led to delays in projects and the accumulation of problems since 2008 and until now,” stressing that “the contractors working on projects lagging forced to mortgage their property in order to get financial liquidity to complete projects on time ends up financial entitlements and benefits and enter into the problems. ”

He revealed Mamouri for “delay [150] projects in Babylon will cost more than [224] billion dinars, and attributed the reasons for the lack of liquidity and bypass the private banks on the laws in order to get clients,” noting that “most of the contractors in Babylon entered the prison to their inability to pay debts and numbering [35] contractor. ”

However, saying that “the most important projects that led to the withdrawal of labor and prison contractor, the lack of liquidity for the project building of the provincial council, as well as political interference that led to the delay in the project,” calling on the federal government to “impose strict measures on the private banks and the government to curb the excesses” .

“The final accounts that determine the performance of the contractor’s work during the previous years, the implementation of government contracts that indicated by the Ministry of Planning, which confirmed the presence of final accounts for each contractor over [3] years, and what is happening at the moment rigging the final accounts by the contractors and the cooperation with Men business. ”

For his part, representative of the Finance Committee of the Council of Babylon Hamid Jassim, “Teachers College of Management economy to go to the local government to develop solutions lagging private projects and the provision of liquidity and the support of private banks and government in the province, which will reflect positively on the banking sectors and services and investment.”

The representative of the Finance Committee’s [where] that “the province complain of the delay in approving the budget and limit the process of exchange of cash leads to the inability of staff arithmetic within the province for the disbursement of funds to contractors and meet Mttalibathm, in addition to the contracts department contracted with companies more than the amounts allocated to them, what paid to the spread of financial and administrative corruption “. ended 20