In the deadliest attack on al-Maliki: Mr. Sadr says Iraq is governed by wolves bloodthirsty dictator

In the deadliest attack on al-Maliki: Mr. Sadr says Iraq is governed by wolves bloodthirsty dictator and on behalf of the Shiites dominate

Posted 18/02/2014 08:46 AM

In the deadliest attack on al-Maliki-Mr Sadr says Iraq is governed by wolves bloodthirsty dictatorBAGHDAD – “arenas of Liberation”
He cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, his commitment to his decision to resolve the Liberals and the Bloc to stay away from political life, but he announced that he will participate in the upcoming elections and vote for candidates who deserve to represent the Iraqi people.

Sadr said in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people today, “The act of God was on us the chest to be advocates and messengers for guidance, what we see Iraqna wounded and oppressed has been overshadowed by the black cloud and were closing in on the land and the sky blood flowing and wars scattered kill each other in the name of law and sometimes in the name of religion at other times, , they perish for the law violates the norms, and the blood and the fall of that religion which gives the right Bhz necks and trapping others and murdered, “noting that” politics has become the Pope of injustice and disregard for uniqueness and violation sits dictator and tyrant to rule over the money Uwenhbha and cities Faiharabha and communities Vivrgaha and pronouns Victrea and hearts broke it to be everyone Msota on survival. ”

He added that “Iraq has become a lifeless nor agriculture nor industry and Akhaddmat no security or safety, no peace and elections claim the lives of thousands of people to rule over us government to Atray,” but “no edema, Parliament Pkrasé worn could not ward off harm for himself he guessed to ward off harm from others, and perhaps he can combines to vote in the parliament in one case is whether the privileges of his or benefit personally, and when it comes to the benefit of the peoples in the weakness of everyone, or it comes to cabinet Vinqdah, “adding that” Iraq is governed by wolves hungry for the blood or souls chase behind the money, leaving its people in affluence agony and fear prey in pools of water and dark nights in the light of the moon or a candle, and Iraq beset by assassinations for Tsagit or otherwise fiddling and the government watching, Iraq is governed by a group came from the back of the border have long awaited for frees us from dictatorship to stick to the other chair in the name of Shia and bias. ”

He asked the chest: “A was the Commander of the Faithful Ali / peace be upon him / can sleep there near him hungry? How to fill the poor alleys and streets without a roof or wall, or a living, but sat on the poor ground dirt and under the open sky rain,” he said, adding that “the government has become saturated where forgotten who they are behind the fortified walls of money has blinded their eyes and luxury homes, palaces and ornate aircraft “stomach” oblivious to the prison called Iraq “.

And “The people of Iraq Abe grievances but rolled it wars and circumstances to turn up for grabs and is located between AFCAC politicians and leaders, the people did not want to summit but wants pride and a voice and freedom Eptga by the pleasure of his Lord and prove the same, but the government came discreetly and muzzles mouths and kill the opposition and the outbreak of the owners of Alson opposition to fill Prisons them and all resistant tried to edit his own tank occupation or plane .. Government accounted for itself everything and no longer hear any one at all, even the sound of the reference and the fatwa and the voice of the partner and his complaint, supported by the East and West of what surprised him all the wise and sane. ”

He said, “We do not want to take their office or Chrisém we the chest Increase this, but we want to be mentors and slippage conservatives Iraq to be between Iyad parental Amina, but they Aasamaon only talk of their masters, leaving the chest and martyrs Sadrain behind their backs and when Maardahm Shiite or Sunni or Kurd accused him of terrorism or sectarianism Valjan to a politicized judiciary or the army to arrest him or other media typeface and images distorted than you know it, “noting that” we we the chest that we can not change that, she says, “Oh God, to Atjma between us and the oppressors and gather between us and them to the right loving and peace of giving us victory, “and Majzlnahm will not let them down, but we ask that resolution to preserve them and their reputations and distortion and drift in the world, especially with the presence of manipulated our dear loved ones, and even Istglna the chest to reach its objectives mundane obnoxious, has raised money and Aracoa blood and violated the symptoms and have dominion on We necks in our name to change my, and they Aaraon the fatwa and Agma and Aastvta and admission Anasihh and not an administrative order, but they are at risk for it. ”

He continued: “To know, O Iraqis I am your loving intersection on your faith and your love and your religion and Nasrtkm may God help us and our victory of God in you and you are our pride and honor, but Zalon Almazlon you and chose the Hereafter they perish them and crushed and Trha, and that was with you the voices of dishonest political or other Valtstmr But the work of the independent or otherwise away from me and frameworks General collects goodness and faith, national and wisdom and the public interest, not leaving Iraq for the people of falsehood, “adding,” I’ll stay all I am not the Sadrists only stay for all and Masdr of decisions to me or orders not Tthmloha God forgave you and me, but I am proud of it to the day of judgment, because I tried all of them to be inspired and derived from the approach of martyrs Sadrain and their thinking and in Akhlagahma will not deviate from that understanding gentlemen and my leaders and their take-away and their enemies Atbara .. and I hope of the faithful to be God stating and his obedient May God repents us and you and open doors of mercy, hoping Pope to be the emergence of the right, but Ayaly The right to override it. ”

Called “the Iraqis to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections and significantly so for Atqa the next government, however, is an honest and crafty and negligent in that he would take it as a betrayal of Iraq and its people,” noting that he would vote “for each Sharif wants to serve the people” and will stand with “all at the same distance.”

He asked “Governors of Baghdad and Maysan to continue in the service of citizens because they are good politicians who have served the Iraqi people dutifully and honestly.”