The specter of U.S. debt crisis clouding moods world’s investors

The specter of U.S. debt crisis clouding moods world’s investors

12/02/2014 17:43

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Returned the specter of U.S. debt crisis looms over markets in the world, and disturb the moods of investors, with the approaching deadline to raise the debt ceiling by the 27th of February, a crisis that has been carried over the limited agreement reached by Republicans and Democrats last November.

The United States ended the year 2013 at the level of debt and a record rate of 17.2 trillion U.S. dollars, which constitutes 100% of the GDP of the United States, as it represents the largest debts in human history.

He called U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew Congress to work on raising the debt ceiling as soon as possible, saying that the borrowing authority of the Government of the United States will end with solutions on Feb. 27 current, indicating that liquidity, which remains the U.S. government after that date does not exceed 50 billion dollars , and enough for three weeks at their best.

The remarks back fears of a political crisis that lead between Republicans and Democrats to find real fulfillment of the obligations in the government, which if it happened would be the first of its kind in the history of the United States, which represents the largest economy in the world.

Republicans who are trying to enjoy a majority in the U.S. Congress to obtain the largest possible gains from Democratic President before passing any agreement, especially with regard to the budget and debt, where the President was obliged to make concessions in order to spare the country from falling into a crisis during his reign.

She said the newspaper “Washington Post” a few days ago that the Republicans may request from the Obama administration to approve the pipeline project will carry oil from Canada to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico, and probably would demand reconsideration of the health care bill, which is opposed by conservatives in the Republican Party.

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