Allawi: Maliki will not accept to remain in power

Allawi: Maliki will not accept to remain in power and Bremer came to dismantle the Zionist state and the Baath

Sunday, February 9, 2014 12:01

Allawi-Maliki will not accept to remain in power[Follow-up – where]

The President of the Iraqi National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, rejected the survival of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in power for a third term “for his lack of implementation of the promises in his words,” describing “the former U.S. civil administrator Paul Bremer” as a Zionist came to break up the unity of Iraq. ”

Allawi said in an interview that “the problem with Nouri al-Maliki said he does not abide by his words and his promises that travels or covenants signed by. Politician of his word, let alone if they signed an agreement. This man can not be trusted because he does not adhere to,” he did not “the existence of contacts with al-Maliki [Thank God], and do not think to call. ”

Allawi stressed, “We will not allow the survival of Maliki in power, a position in which Ntqata with some political forces,” adding that “Anbar protests began in order to legitimate demands” rulers who ignored the plea that the sit-ins haven for al Qaeda and terrorism, this is not true. ”

Allawi rejected outright “the claim that there is support for an Arab-Qaeda in Iraq to thwart al-Maliki. Maliki turned down sectarian policies and that it does not cast unsubstantiated accusations to justify his failure. Gulf states targeted by al-Qaeda, how hurling her name in support of terrorism.”

Allawi added, “I’m going out of the political process, which hit the national unity and Arab identity of Iraq,” adding, “I will not get out of politics, but I will not stay in the political process devote this dangerous deviation.”

He guessed that “elections are the deadliest features began to appear from now on,” pointing out that he noticed “a vow black combine to push the possibility of tearing Iraq, God forbid.”

“The ruling rejects sectarian laws barricaded the national unity of Iraq, particularly the law of distribution of financial resources, in addition to the oil and gas laws and the election, the parties and the census.”

He said Allawi, said that “the team in the Zionist neo-conservatives in the United States, came with Paul Bremer, the governor of Iraq after the occupation, to the dismantling of the state and create climates to divide the country.”

He added that the “neo-conservatives came sectarianism and quotas and nationalism, they built the policy of the United States on the concept that” Iraq is a three-dimensional, “explaining that” a section of the opposition was in favor of this view, they are well known to all the Iraqi people. “And said:” Unfortunately, I found these views echo The response and Troyja There was promoted from the occupation of Iraq, “adding that” this policy has led to where we are now and where sectarian strengthened politically entrenched,

Allawi added, “I was against the war in full, and with the change of regime from the inside, through the armed forces and the Baath Party and state officials adults, with discounts and entered the United States on this issue since the days of the opposition.”

“But the triumph of the will of war camp, and they came to the Zionists later by Paul Bremer to rule Iraq and the dismantling of the state and the de-Baathification solving the judiciary and the media and the military, security, intelligence and resolve all institutions.”

He added, “Bremer, who was dealing with the Iraqis loftily, collided with him in the first meeting against the backdrop of statements to me in an American newspaper which confirmed that Iraq desperately need three military teams mechanism being formed immediately, considering that this step is very necessary to the security of Iraq.”

He said Allawi that “Bremer regarded this statement seriously and transcended red lines, after the dissolution of the army, I replied to him PANA not working employees you have, and then I wrote an editorial in the New York Times, lashing out at America’s policy in resolving the army, and then wrote an article in the Washington Post about the de- Baath confirmed the seriousness of the big decision and the devastating consequences, in addition to an article in the Wall Street Journal criticizing Washington’s policy, based on the three-dimensional Iraq Kurd, Sunni-Shiite. ”

The voyager Allawi to explain his relationship with Bremer, who “did not enter my house only once when he came in and Lakhdar Brahimi and Black Wall, representative of [President George W. Bush, to Ihdthona about the need to form a government, I said that this issue should have been happening before this time, as it was into an agreement with the Americans before a military invasion. they asked me to be secretary of defense refused, drew a question for Bremer: How long will stay behaving with the Iraqis in this way, you must go to the Governing Council, which represents the Iraqi political forces, because the party that should be based commissioned figure to form a government both from its members or from outside their number. ”

He added that “the issue of Iraq is not a sectarian and ethnic diversity, but must be based on the policy that Iraq is part of the Arab and Islamic nation, saying that the characterization of Iraq, b [three-dimensional] would seriously undermine the unity of the country.”

In the 2010 elections, got a block [Iraqi] led by Iyad Allawi, on 92 seats and was the largest bloc, but President Jalal Talabani, refused under a regional coordinator with the United States not to issue a book commissioned to block the “Iraqi” to form a government. Allawi, according to the word.

And Allawi described what happened inside the [Iraqi] later, explaining that he “got into a bloc of four trends, including the first receded sectarian Sunni and Shiite, any of became committed to the slogan sectarian, either the second covered a of stealing public money, and these Azlnahm final, while the third trend has included to and from the sectarian rule-based, any rule of Nuri al-Maliki, and this trend Azlnah Also, the trend line is a fourth national who did not hurt the Iraqi people not associated regional agendas and intelligence, not tainted by theft and sectarian rule. ”

“The Iraqi others remained its name to the National and entered into new directions clean, a task force representing the elements did not commit a sin and a national did not steal the Iraqi people, and they were far from the regional extensions.”

He explained that “before the 2010 elections, came to me symbols [Iraqi] and asked to discuss the project of a national contest the election in order to stream a unified Iraq. And asked to lead the trend, which will be rejecting the division of sectarian, and refusing to receive any Ministries, only to be prime minister.”

He explained, “before the first session of the deputies after the 2010 elections, talked with me President Barack Obama by telephone about 45 minutes about the National Partnership inquired whether I’ll get the session or not? Told him that the national partnership requires that the political process inclusive to include all Iraqis without exception to the sect or race or national, Vuagueni Obama in my vision, and asked proposed steps to service is carried out by this trend. ”

“I asked Obama to send its ambassador in Baghdad to the meeting will receive me and al-Maliki and Barzani to discuss the partnership, and informs us ambassador to the United States supports this partnership and it is guaranteed, which actually happened, Voukana close partnership and we went to the House of Representatives this intention.”

Allawi said that “the agreement was provided to read the partnership agreement in the Council meeting, but Maliki turned on the agreement to postpone the students read the minutes of the agreement, asked to adjourn the meeting for 15 minutes to reach an understanding, but they did not accept, Fgadrna session to protest the beating of national partnership.”

Allawi said, “Now we got to the moment on the eve of the next election, either to modify the political process, either I will not be part of the political process that hit the Iraqi national unity, and hit the affiliation of the Arab and Islamic world for Iraq. Not honored to be part of a political process run by the regional countries in Iraq” is certain that “Raising the level of citizenship in Iraq is closely linked to the civil state of democracy which renounces sectarian and ethnic quota system, all well solve the problems of Iraq and all the Arab countries.”

On the next parliamentary elections, said president of a coalition of Iraqi national “Iraq stands today in the face of danger to remain under the authority of the government of Nouri al-Maliki, without the House of Representatives and the President of the Republic and see that the country is facing three possibilities about the April elections, the first is not to conduct elections in the volatile security situation, and this means that there will be no House of Representatives after June 15, as well as the absence of the presidency more than a year. ”

He continued, “The second possibility Vicu elections would be bloody and her features began to appear from now, and thus will not reflect the will of the Iraqi people, who plays originally from the political process that did not convince him basically, and we believe that a vow black combine to pay probability third to top as the situation remains as it is Vimzk Iraq is not, God forbid. ”

Allawi added that “Trgihana that the elections are a bloody does not reflect the status of the Iraqi street, and Dalila in that what is currently happening, such as the division of the provinces and the development of new ones, and if these problems are of the greatest concern of Iraq, rather than the rule, violence and sectarian quota system.”

He said that “the division of the provincial political decision aimed at partitioning along ethnic and sectarian and nationalist, which is not a national policy would lead to problems on the border and the combination of wealth and power.”

The new Allawi refusing to renew the mandate of a third of the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after the next parliamentary elections, saying “We will not allow the owners to remain in power, a position Ntqata it with the forces of Iraqi political dimensions, al-Maliki is agreed between the major political forces Moreover, the Constitution says that what President of the Republic applies to the prime minister, who is not entitled to and in accordance with that, the referee more than two sessions. Maliki himself said that the Prime Minister if they failed to implement its program during two sessions at the referee, he should leave his position. If I want to re-impose Maliki, it will ignite a political problem the largest in the country. ”

And the crisis of Anbar province, Allawi said “for the bloody events in Anbar, I would like to say that the Iraqi constitution explicitly states not to drag the army in internal affairs, and what happens is the failure of the approach guide the political and security of the rulers, who have created their policies climates incubator for extremism.”

Allawi stressed that “protests Anbar was launched in order to legitimate demands, but the referees invoked as a haven for al Qaeda and terrorism, and this is not true,” asking, “Why fear the rulers of their own people, if they are unsure of their policy?! Also, the Maliki government has failed to solve the issue of al-Anbar, owing political sectarianism. “ended