Najafi calls on MPs to attend Monday’s session to approve the budget bill

Najafi calls on MPs to attend Monday’s session to approve the budget bill and warns of the postponement of the elections

01-02-2014 02:17 PM

Najafi calls on MPs to attend Monday session to approve the budget billBaghdad (news) .. Said House Speaker Osama Najafi, the need to approve the budget in 2014 by all parties serve the public interest, and welcomed all initiatives submitted by the political forces to resolve the crisis in the province of Anbar. Nujafi said at a press conference attended by the Agency (news): that the rest of life Parliament is three months and must pass all the laws the task before the end of the current parliamentary session to their importance, and it affects the citizen, such as the budget and the unified pension law and provincial law and other laws.

He added that a conversion districts to provinces illegal and requires new legislation after it was canceling the old, pointing to announce other provinces require discussion in the House of Representatives after the agreed upon be approved. stressed: the need to reach a peaceful solution to the crisis of Anbar and the return of local government to exercise its role and the return of the police and the displaced families to their places, as well as issuing a general amnesty to those who take up arms with the exception of regulatory Qaeda and ‘Daash’, indicating that this matter requires a decision by the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives. increased Najafi: This initiative was handed over to the government and we hope them to respond to her, pointing the need to win over the masses and the return of security for the province. Regarding the presence of foreign countries supporting terrorism in Iraq, Najafi said that there is no evidence on this matter and in the case of a state organizes terrorism in Iraq will be held accountable legally and politically. Najafi said: that the objection of some of the blocks on the first reading of the budget in 2014 is not true, noting that this disruption will affect the citizens and to provide services to them and pay their salaries, adding that the postponement of the budget approval to the upcoming legislative session is set aside a big job the House of Representatives.