“Russian Beast” worrying the U.S. and British

“Russian Beast” worrying the U.S. and British

Posted, 1/23/2014

Russian Beast worrying the United States and BritishPalm – considered official in the intelligence agency of the U.S. Navy that the Russian submarine new “Severodvinsk K-329″ is a source of concern to the powers the two navies, the U.S. and UK, because it is immune to weapons countermeasures, and is able to mute the bustle which makes them “hidden”!.

Newspaper “ambassador” of the Lebanese: In the movie “The Hunt for October’s response” (The Hunt for Red October), which was produced in the U.S. in 1990, and Washington responded to the possibility of manufacturing a nuclear submarine “revolutionary” strengthen the military dominance of the Soviet Union.

These days, with the entry of the nuclear submarine “Severodvinsk” K-329 to the Russian service in the Russian navy, some experts believe that Moscow topped the world in the technology industry, atomic submarines, and settled its leading role under the depths.

“Severodvinsk” or “monster coming from the bottom,” as described by the American press, formed a gift for the end of 2013 the fleet of the Russian Navy, which received 30 December / December last year.

The submarine’s a big challenge for the U.S. war industry because it did not excel on the submarine, “CNN Wolf” U.S. nuclear multipurpose lightness in the sound, but also because they are immune to anti-arms.

Movement of the newspaper “Sunday Times” the British official in the intelligence agency of the U.S. Navy as saying that he “must be Severodvinsk source of concern for the powers the two navies, the traditional: the United States and Britain. Vmoasfat art for Russian submarines New Make discovered in the ocean water is impossible, unless granted complete immunity against the best antibiotics that are available so far in the world. ”

The intelligence official adds: “We do not know half of what is on the submarine., And now the race is to learn their secrets. U.S. Navy feel really scared about it, because it is so soon, they boasted that the submarines are the most advanced among all global fleets.”

And can this submarine led by a crew of 90 members, to be going at speeds up to 30 knots and dive to a depth of 600 meters.

And armed with this submarine ten torpedoes of the caliber of 533 mm, and 24 launchers for the missiles “Caliber” and “Onyx” phones, and is distinct from submarines other than where the site Torbeidatha, which are placed in the center of the submarine is not in the forefront, has helped to put a large antenna Hearing under water in the introduction to the submarine, which increases the visual ability of the submarine to a large extent. This submarine is also characterized also by its ability to mute the bustle which makes them “invisible”.

According to some information that the missiles “3 or 55 Onyx” anti-ship missiles, a weapon is a fierce head of the submarine, dedicated to the destruction of enemy warships on even after 300 kilometers, and that in the circumstances of electronic jamming strong and continuous resistance firearms.

According to the agency, “Itar-Tass Russian” to the emergence of such submarines would increase the strength of the Russian navy, which makes weapons and their ability to stealth, infiltration and walking without noise, a weapon optimized to work in remote areas of the global ocean. Russia is planning to build seven submarines of this type.

Confirms expert in submarine warfare British Ian Ballantyne, he has always been the Russian Navy’s most elite element in the Kremlin’s military power, so the spending of billions of dollars of oil and gas revenues on new nuclear submarines, is completely in line with this strategy.

Ballantyne adds that Russian President Vladimir Putin made no secret of his intention to rebuild the Russian naval forces to play their role as a military and political superpower within Soviet-style. There is no doubt that the “K-329″ will be the most advanced ships, and would pay Britain and the United States to the financial drain their resources in an attempt to keep up with Moscow. ”