Next week .. Meeting in parliament to start budget legislation

Next week .. Meeting in parliament to start budget legislation

1/23/2014 0:00

Next week-Meeting in parliament to start budget legislationClaims to stay away from the center of the political history
Baghdad – Basra – Muhannad Abdul Wahab – Saad Al-Sammak
“Al-Sabah” that next Tuesday will see a meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Representatives and the heads and representatives of parliamentary blocs to discuss the general budget bill before the start legitimizes.
comes at a time in which he called deputies to the need to leave the differences and initiate passage of the budget for its importance and its relation to the situation of living and the services provided to citizens, as requested Governor Basra cabinet modified paragraph oil revenues public budget for the provinces of oil from one dollar and make $ 5 for every barrel of a product or manufacturer.
meeting of parliament
, said a parliamentary source for the “morning”: that he was “ahead of a parliamentary session next Tuesday will hold the Presidency of the Parliament meeting with Heads and representatives of blocs to discuss the draft general budget bill for the year 2014. ”
the source added that “the meeting will decide to start legislation of the law after considering the points of contention regarding the obligations of the Kurdistan region to export oil and allocations of petrodollars, and other other things.” However, the decision of the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Khalidi guessed yesterday Wednesday, return the budget to the cabinet because of the large number of problems on them. Khalidi said in a press statement: “We rule out the adoption of the federal budget for the year 2014 at this time, because of the many problems that exist where”, calling for “the need to agree on the aim of approval”. “He “The solution to the problems between the province and the government will make it easier to pass the budget,” noting that “there is another problem facing the budget, an issue that the share of oil-producing provinces five dollars while the government has allocated one dollar for these provinces.” and budget amounts to the year 2014, according to a copy of the draft budget obtained by “Morning,” more than 163 trillion dinars, of which more than 62 trillion dinars for the expenses of projects and more than 98 trillion dinars for current expenditure, was also monitoring the amount of $ trillion and 700 billion dinars for capital expenditures, and was allocated 150 billion dinars as a reserve of emergency, as calculated revenue from export of crude oil on the basis of the average price of $ 90 per barrel at the rate of export of three million and 400 000 barrels per day, including the amounts of crude oil produced in Kurdistan.

removal of history

in the meantime, called for a number of House of Representatives to move away from the history of political during the approval of the draft budget. MP for the National Alliance of quitting, said in this regard: “It is hoped to be approved two important laws during the next term, namely the budget and the Unified Retirement Law, and either other laws, it is not expected to endorse because of differences political and what is going through the country and the approach of the elections. “and said in a statement the” morning “, said the budget bill will face difficulties in the approval because of differences over the demands of the Kurds who want to obtain, which is” increasing the budget of the province and get the allocations and revenues of oil companies and increasing allocations Peshmerga . “and select the draft budget, the share of the Kurdistan region by (17 percent) of the total expenditure, and when you get an increase or decrease in the total expenditures of the federal budget, add or reduce the region’s share proportionately with the increase or decrease. between Zamili that” currently does not allow these propositions and claims because of what is going through the country of security conditions and the fight against terrorism “, adding that” the province got a lot of demands and not necessarily get all. “added MP for the Liberal bloc that” the parliamentary blocs to try to pass the budget as soon without passing on the These differences or without that there will be a preference for any party at the expense of the other, especially as there are a lot of provinces and consider affected because they did not get their rights logical than its share of the oil. ”
arrival late

for his part, said the independent MP Abdul Khader Mehdi Taher said that “the budget arrived at the House of Representatives late.
said Taher said in a statement the “morning”, that “this delay put the House of Representatives in front of disarray too, and if passed it without scrutiny will have passed incomplete.”
and explained that “the most prominent problem in the budget lies between the province and the center It’s oil exports because the consequences of Finance is very large. ”

practical steps

, in turn, confirmed that a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Susan Saad need to take practical steps to put pressure on the House of Representatives to amend the General Budget Law for the year 2014.
said Saad in a press statement: “Upon the resumption of meetings of the Council of Representatives will be coordination between the members of the council of the oil-producing provinces to include the rights of these provinces in the general budget, “pointing out that the Council of Ministers voted on the budget and ignore the application of Article / 44 / in law / 21 / amended, which provides for the granting oil-producing provinces / 5 / dollars per barrels of oil product and / 5 / dollars per barrel of oil refined, and / 5 / dollars per / 150 / m 3 of gas. ”
she added, “there must be interaction and support by the heads of parliamentary blocs and members of the House of Representatives to consider the rights of oil-producing provinces so that we can Through the adoption of these amendments in the budget law. ”
She Saad: “There will be a mass action to the citizens of Basra to demand the rights of the province.”
The Cabinet has referred the fifteenth of this month’s budget in 2014 to the House of Representatives, calculates one dollar to the provinces producing oil , instead of five dollars per barrel of oil produced, but the Ministry of Finance explained that the “dollars and only one will be assigned for every barrel of product within the petro-dollar project, to keep owed ​​by the federal government four dollars for every barrel, granted by advances in case of need local governments for money As a result the fiscal deficit in the budget for the current year, which amounted to / 23 / ​​trillion dinars.

calls from Basra,

the center of this image, called the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui Council of Ministers to the need to amend paragraph oil revenues public budget for the provinces of oil from one dollar and make $ 5 for every barrel of a product or factory. Said Nasraoui told the “morning” after returning from a trip therapeutic lasted more than a week for the province, coming from Kuwait: “The allocation of one dollar for producing provinces and including Basra action is contrary to the decision of the House of Representatives who voted last year to allocate $ 5 for every barrel of product and plant governorates oil to support the requirements of development and the provision of jobs and livelihood and well-being of its children. ”
and stressed that “Basra governorate first to provide financial resources for the general budget, and can not bear the consequences of the financial settlements list to the Kurdistan region due to his failure to deliver oil producer in the province of the central government to cover the deficit caused by the public budget. ” And alluded to “take measures include stop pumping oil from fields in Basra”, also saying: “We will support the demonstrations and sit-ins to protest the withholding of Basra’s oil resources.”