Maysan Council threatens to stop exporting oil to maintain if not paid sums of petro $ 5

Maysan Council threatens to stop exporting oil to maintain if not paid sums of petro $ 5

Tuesday, 21 January 2014 15:26

Maysan Council threatens to stop exporting oil to maintain if not paid sums of petro 5 dollars[Maysan – where]

Council threatened Maysan province on Tuesday to stop the export of oil produced from the fields to maintain in the absence of the federal government to grant full allocations project petro $ 5.┬áThe Minister of Finance and serenity net debt agency said that “the law in force, which ensures that the share of oil-producing provinces, gas, and this is her right, but because of the pressure and the budget deficit for the current year of [23] trillion dinars have been allocated just one dollar to the provinces producing oil within the project of petro $ 5 to keep owed by the federal government four dollars given advances in the event of local governments need money. ”

The Chairman of the Oil and Energy Committee of the provincial council Rahe Albzona told all of Iraq [where] that “the Maysan provincial council met today and prepared a statement containing several paragraphs which give five dollars to the provinces producing oil is a constitutional right and legal as legally effective and published in the Gazette Iraqi official on 15 / August 2013 so it is considered applicable law, but the law is not repealed the law. ”

Albzona added that “the provincial council demanded in his House of Representatives not to ratify the federal budget, but snapped the government amending the law to give the provinces and the provinces share the five dollars.”

He pointed out that “the Council also demanded a share of the province of Maysan oil from Majnoon oil field, considering that extends to the territory of the province by 33%.”

He said a member of the provincial council in Maysan, “The Council stressed that in the absence of taking demands it will organize sit-ins and demonstrations that were in Baghdad and filed a lawsuit against the federal government, represented by the Ministry of Finance.”

And “We also may be forced to resort to the option of stopping the export of oil from fields in Maysan, the federal government bears all the damage to the oil companies operating in the oil fields to maintain.”

Several oil-producing provinces have threatened to stage sit-ins to popular government and the government’s refusal to grant full financial allocations in the project petro $ 5 and stabbed her to withdraw the amendment provincial law No. [21] for the year 2008.

The parliamentary Finance Committee has revealed that the government delayed granting the full amount of the project petro $ 5 to the provincial budget next year to 2015.

Committee Chairman Haider al-Abadi’s [where] that “the budget preserved the right of oil-producing provinces namely five dollars, but the government confirmed that the provinces have the money accumulated from previous budgets as possible to take advantage of them said that when needed the provinces will be awarded the money, but these amounts postponed to next year’s budget 2015 was resolved this matter in this way so that there is a large deficit in the current year budget in 2014. ”

It is said that the law of governorates not organized province, No. 21 of 2008 amended provision in Article 44 of the calculation of the amount of five dollars instead of one dollar, but the budget submitted to the House of Representatives reported that allotted them for the year 2014 is one dollar per barrel of oil product from the province infuriating provinces oil producer. Ended 27