Government: a third meeting with the Kurds to discuss the proposal and the Ministry of Oil

Government: a third meeting with the Kurds to discuss the proposal and the Ministry of Oil

1/21/2014 0:00

Government-a third meeting with the Kurds to discuss the proposal and the Ministry of OilSentry representative of the results of meetings the two sides
BAGHDAD – morning – Shaima Rashid
amid anticipation circles parliamentary results of the visit of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad to see what will happen to him if the files are the subject of dispute between the Governments of the center and the province, especially the file of oil and Budget, said Adviser to the Prime Minister said the meeting was positive and the agreement yielded about discuss the proposal and the Ministry of Oil your oil during a meeting with the third joint will bring together the two sides.
declined deputies Kurdish bloc in the vote on the budget in 2014 not approved by the Minister of Kurds during the authentication government council by last Tuesday due to add text to the law is required to deduct the damage caused by the Kurdistan region after not delivered oil product to the federal government during the past two years, and withdrew from the discussion of the budget which prevented the quorum is achieved sufficient for the parliament session.

government’s announcement

, media adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi, confirmed that the meeting between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President of Kurdistan, Nechirvan Barzani was positive The agreement yielded about a proposal to resolve the differences of oil will be discussed during the third meeting of the joint.
Moussawi said in a statement the “morning”, that “what matters the federal government and the prime minister in particular is not to be differences between the parties a reason for the emergence of cracking the national unity or national sovereignty or work to break up the country, “noting that there are proposals submitted by both sides to resolve their differences showed a common desire to reach a solution.
continued: It was agreed to discuss the proposal of the Ministry of Oil, which is that is the development of a system of “Sumo” responsible for overseeing oil exporter and producer and non- So, will examine the proposal next week and is answered by the province to be reached as a result of later, revealed the existence of a third meeting brings together the two parties, without specifying the place, whether in Baghdad or Arbil.
awaited parliamentary

Lama Parliament, he looked forward to what would the results of these meetings , mused that the deductions will be all the files in a positive way through rounds of talks between the governments of the center and the province.
was First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay al-Suhail, has confirmed that the presidency of the parliament are looking forward with great interest the results of talks Kurdish delegation, noting that the Presidency is making intensive efforts to coordinate the positions of the blocks in relation to speed up the enactment of the budget in 2014, warning that “the delay in the budget is not the interests of everyone.
announced Oil Minister Abdul Karim and coffee that the federal government will take legal action in regards to the subject of export oil region to Turkey the right of both parties as well as foreign companies that have contributed to this process.
member of the Iraqi Jaber al-Jabri, considered that the second visit of the delegation of the Kurdish “great opportunity” in order to address all the problems and access to radical solutions, not temporary.
expressed Jabri in an interview for the “morning”, hoped to be a quick resolution to the government Central and provincial government over differences in order to speed up the approval of the budget in 2014, and to find permanent solutions and not temporary to create positive relations between the two parties.
between MP that considerable opportunity to address all the problems and speed up the adoption of the budget and focus on providing services to the people, adding that the situation will be difficult will be going to a majority vote, such as last year’s vote on the budget, and this in turn will affect the question of the political consensus that we need today, especially that we are embarking on a parliamentary election that has embroiled this topic on the political process.
problems eternal

As a member of a coalition of state law just residual, it was not very optimistic that is conducive to visit the Kurdish delegation to solve all the problems between the central government and the provincial government over the budget and the issue of oil investments, which have become quasi-eternal.
said Faddaalah in a statement the “morning”, “We used every beginning of the ratification of the general budget that occur Problems between the central government and the province Kurdistan about the region’s share and expenses of the Peshmerga and other reasons that are designed to delay the budget no more, “noting that the issue of oil investments does not solve the only passage of oil and gas law, which gives each party legal powers approved by him in order to keep this topic for idle political.
continued : oil is a source of energy and wealth for all the sons of the Iraqi people, without exception, must be distributed equitably, each according to rate of population, contending that the conclusion of the provincial government for oil contracts without taking the opinion of the federal government is unconstitutional, noting that the Kurds are forced to vote on the budget and approval in order not to be There are disabled in the duration of the election.

proposals Baghdad government

was a coalition of state law has revealed the three proposals made ​​by the federal government of the Kurdistan region to manage the oil wealth to ensure the first reimburse the oil companies operating in the region and give a percentage of the 17 percent of the province of the budget compared to deliver the region’s oil extracted from Kurdistan to be exported by the central government.
included the proposed second commitment of the leadership of the province to hand over the government 400 000 barrels of oil per day, according to the agreement previously, and if the number fell from the agreed amount will be deducted differences of the proportion of the provincial budget.
while indicating the proposed third that receive government the process of extraction and export of oil from the region, like the rest of the oil-producing provinces, and that the Government is committed to providing all the benefits mandated by provincial law.