Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-15-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-15-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions1-15-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday Article quote: “…he ordered enhances the mechanical moving cash to influence the balance of the cash market and then the stability of real activity that requires lifting the external value of the Iraqi dinar in a manner commensurate with the real exchange rate…” the external and reality rate is what we want to see and means the actual rate that we are waiting on…the external value they are talking about lifting means setting the actual exchange rate…whoo hooo.

1-15-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday they are now addressing the exchange rates outside of the country…they are now addressing what the world finance is going to see instead of — the pricing changes in the country and the redenomination which many get confused… they are talking about reality rate. they are going to activate the monetary policy and what that means is an adjustment of the inflation rate — raise in all exchange rates — a transfer of dinar to the dollar and as in oil and then to the foreign currency deal appropriate — and the proposed project of removing the zeros…good grief this is so exciting. we dont have a date — they are saying they are ready and doing it but we will see when we see it.

1-15-2014 Intel Guru Delta I CAN SMELL THE FIRE WORKS [Delta, on the CBI website the home exchange rates highlighted in red is that new?] YES IT IS NEW. [Keep in mind that this new change on the CBI site pretty much proves that there is NO glitch!]

1-14-2014 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Kurdistan: We have reached understandings with al-Maliki on the budget and oil” The budget is based on dollars not dinar. 70% of the budget is operational so there is no exchange rate, its simply salaries, wages, expenses payable in dinar. Just like in the US, a dollar is a dollar, there is no exchange rate. The remaining 30% is the investment side and a high exchange rate of the dinar could benefit as they could reduce inports, materials etc. But until it is greater than the dollar, it means nothing.

1-14-2014 Newshound Guru Kaperoni …Iraq’s primary currency is the dollar. I do not see any budget ever based on dinar until they have diversified to reduce the dependence on oil. Which seems to be many years away. As for the HCL, they are inching towards progress, but the many articles of late are not referencing the HCL but an agreement for oil export between the Kurds and Baghdad through Turkey. Yes, I agree, this is a good step and may move them closer to a final HCL, but I would not connect these dots so quickly.