Washington extended the protection of Iraqi funds deposited with it


Iraq was able to get a new extension provides protection and immunity for his money deposited in U.S. banks for a period of one year ends in May of next year. There has been an extension by the Iraqi delegation in the United States and composed of representatives of the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance, the Finance Committee of the House of Representatives. delegation made ​​an official request on behalf of the Government of Iraq to the U.S. government to adopt a resolution a new presidential provides protection for Iraqi funds. and Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that this extension would be the last of Iraq, as they will be this year’s count the number of creditors and lawsuits that are believed to Some KDE and other met-term legal systems of the defense. and the development of Iraqi funds under U.S. protection would respond any judicial decisions to freezing or forfeiture under the terms of the presence of compensation claims and the resolutions of the debt is paid by companies and people. and the money found in several countries in addition to the money the Development Fund for Iraq, which contains the proceeds of sale oil as well as to the amount of $ 52 billion, money belonging to the Central Bank placed in U.S. banks is a cover of the Iraqi currency and not subject to the decisions of the freeze. praised the economic expert Hilal Taan decision to extend the protection of Iraqi funds for a period of one year in preparation for an end to the debt issue, with no stock and only two States, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia who refuse to compromise for political reasons, as well as to demand that some companies amounts to but do not have the legal documents fundamentalist. He Taan that the situation in Iraq under the injury Chapter VII deprived him of financial independence, and expressed hope that bringing this decision after the demise of its reasons for the return of all of Iraq’s money at the disposal of the Iraqi government.