Maliki: do not accept the postponement of the elections, even for a single day

Maliki: do not accept the postponement of the elections, even for a single day and fight in Anbar will end soon

Wednesday, 08 December / 2 January 2014 14:25

Maliki-do not accept the postponement of the elections, even for a single day[Baghdad – where]

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki government’s determination to hold the next parliamentary elections as scheduled, and are not affected by the situations of Anbar province.

Maliki said in his weekly Wednesday that “terrorists organization of al Qaeda and Daash want to disrupt the political life and ages, and not only in Iraq but in all the countries in the region, and say all the countries in the world that your position with us is a responsible attitude in the light of what you want the international regulations of threatening security stability and democracy. ”

“They are responding to stop the political process because they do not believe in freedom and democracy, the elections or not something called peaceful rotation of power, And one of their goals is to disrupt the elections that we are on the doors.”

He also said “We say to everyone that we do not want to delay the elections, even for a single day or postponed under any title, and the government is ready with all requirements to hold the election process and there is no defect or deficiency and we want to get this process because it is a significant milestone in the political life.”

He called on the prime minister “who were involved and Astgfloa and lured that they are part of the machine of terrorism to return to their senses to open a new page and settle their cases order not to be fuel in the fire of war waged by al-Qaeda and welcome them and take them out of the crisis that they put themselves out and say that this rule and formations that you want to starved and besieged people in Anbar, which tend to hit until supplies, equipment and energy, which demonstrates the aggressive and misconduct of this organization. ”

“We are confident that this war will not drag on and talking about Daash and al-Qaida that it would return to the areas that took them tell them that this dream Satan will not be accustomed to, but lying dead strikes our security forces and the sons of the tribes and we want those who did not declare their position in favor of and supportive of the need for political openness on others and dialogue on the basis of how to defeat al Qaeda and we have to succeed and win on the basis of compatibility is not holier than unite in the war on al Qaeda and possible solutions to the rest of the details in dispute. ”

Maliki said, “As for Fallujah prays to her children and elders in all of them need to unite in position and rejected the existence of the baddies, including because of Fallujah by what enough, it has entered into more than war and destruction and do not want this city to suffer and never use force as long as the clan declares its readiness to face Al-Qaeda and expel them and invite them to the need to work and we support them and stand with them in support and attribution, and the army is present, but we want them movement pulls the rug out from the baddies to get out out of the cities in order to be a target for our security and pursued by the people in Anbar and Fallujah. ”

The Prime Minister called for “the need to unite and take positions that prevent any deterioration in public security in Fallujah that we want to have security and stability to expel al-Qaeda to return to the reconstruction process and do not expect that left those in Fallujah, but ruin and murder, targeting the honorable and the dignity of people as they were previously.”

Al-Maliki praised “each of the stop side of the armed forces and call on everyone to take this position and from the international support announced by the UN Security Council, the European Union and many countries in the Iraq war with terrorism and eradicate it, and we will continue to fight this battle, because al-Qaeda and its allies are evil, and we commend the attitude of the Iraqi people and applaud the position of politicians and clans, which reflects the national unity and call for the rest to take a similar position. “ended.