Obama is the responsibility of carrying “strategic disaster” caused by the escalation of violence in Iraq

Sinaturan two Americans, Obama is the responsibility of carrying “strategic disaster” caused by the escalation of violence in Iraq

Posted, 07/01/2014 21:44

Obama abandoned IraqFollow-up – and babysit –
Carrying two senior members of the Senate, on Monday, President Barack Obama is responsible for “strategic disaster” caused by the escalation of violence in Iraq, and asking the U.S. administration “to recognize the failure of” policy in the Middle East and changing its approach there, Adin, they “wasted” time and options and “influence and credibility “over the past five years, the lack of the possibility of survival,” spectator “more than this time.

This came in the criticism “acerbic” made by both Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, the administration of President Barack Obama on policy in Iraq, according to news network CNN.

She CNN, said that after “the passage of more than two years on the failure of the administration to reach an agreement with the Iraqi government to keep a limited number of troops and the withdrawal of all U.S. combat troops from the country, the two senior members of the Republican Party in the U.S. Senate, putting the blame on President Barack Obama, what is happening to Iraq the day of the events and the escalation in violence. ”

According to a joint statement by the Sinaturin McCain and Graham, according to CNN, that “the time that it bears a lot of responsibility to the Iraqis what is happening now from a strategic disaster, the U.S. administration must bear some of this responsibility.”

A statement by the Senators, too, that “the U.S. administration to recognize the failure of its policy in the Middle East and to change their approach,” adding that “America wasted time and options, influence and credibility over the past five years, and we can not remain spectators for more than this time.”

The prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, announced in (the 23 of December 2013 the past), from Karbala, the launch of a military operation in the desert province of Anbar, (110 km west of Baghdad), on behalf of (revenge commander Mohammed), against the backdrop of the death of the commander of the band seventh in the army, Brigadier General Mohammad spherical, and a group of his officers and his entourage during the storming of the base in the Walker Valley area Horan, (420 km west of Ramadi).

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