Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-4-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-4-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions1-4-2014 Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3 they have no 3 zero dinar left in banks. All are not out but many are. Many contractors are not able to pay workers and people on the streets are trying to turn to street dealers and it appears they are out also. CASH flow from from tariffs and bond sales can’t generate cash flow without a rate. THEY WILL HAVE TO COME UP WITH SOME CASH FLOW VERY QUICK OR THE ECONOMIC GROWTH AND THEIR FRAGILE ECONOMY WILL SUFFER RAPIDLY.


1-4-2014 Intel Guru NOVA Their Banking System Is Living Day To Day Because Of The Spot They’re In. Having To Play Under Article 8 With Out Having All The Tools Need To Do So. IMO, They Will Have All The Tools Available To Them Very Soon. [They appear to be running out of options…Having seen the stories of the banks facing problems around the country, do you see this as the CBI holding back from them?] I wouldn’t get too perturbed about seeing the CBI auction today. They have the capability to change that rate in the blink of an eye, in the matter of a heartbeat. Just my opinion. Agree, The CBI IS Holding Back/Controlling The Cash In The System Daily. The Flood Gates Are Getting Ready To Open…

1-4-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday Article quote: “The agenda of the meeting includes a vote on the draft law on ratification of agreement on the encouragement and protection of investment between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the Government of Iraq and the vote on the draft labor law.” the vote [Saturday] on the labor law is huge…saturday is also when the budget is voted on or at least presented and of course the lack of cash right before they are closed for a couple days is not bad and also that they are planning on bonds on the 7th and have activated the tariff and customs. so we are in a great place.

1-4-2014 Newshound Guru Bondlady Article: “Traders in Basra are demonstrating to demand the cancellation of the decision to apply the Tariff Act” just like I’ve said…when they start taxes, the people will go nuts about less purchasing power, to tax them on 1170 is crap an they know it too lol, hang in there, the people are about to get a lot madder and the cbi will have to, IMO, do something about it very soon.

1-4-2014 Newshound Guru Stryker Yesterday [Wednesday] started the first of three (3) stages in the implementation of the Custom Tariffs of Iraq. All border crossings are now taxing up to 20% of all Luxury Goods being imported into Iraq. This means that additional revenue is now being added to the yearly budget which will help insure yet another surplus for Iraq in 2014. It also means that all border crossings are now linked directly with the Central Bank of Iraq for accountability which means that Iraq has taken its first real step into a Free Market Economy.

1-4-2014 Newshound Guru Stryker It means that the other two stages, tariffs on non-essential and essential goods will be next and the Central Bank of Iraq will need to adjust the value of their currency if they do not want to experience inflationary problems going forward. It is just logical that if they tax these goods at the border the adjustment needed in pricing once the goods reach the market place will be increased by at least the same, by 20%. It is also logical that this increase will be much higher than 20% because of all the other hands that the goods pass through just getting them to market. The cost of goods directly reflect the value of the Iraqi dinar!

1-3-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday Article quote: “Locals in Iraqi Kurdistan have found themselves unable to withdraw cash from their banks, despite the fact that they have enough in their accounts.” this is great to see — they are not giving money out at the banks…frozen accounts is what we would call that here…cash – green back – there is none so that is very exciting with what we have been looking for.


Guru Critic, this just goes to prove that your “sources” have known nothing all along, yet you continue to report their crap as fact. IMO, they are just making it up as they go based loosely on factual articles and reports.

1-3-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday The tariff and customs laws are activated so they are now hustling to get all the ports ready and the budget through and the rate to where it should be to have fair pricing that is for global trade. the law is law so they have to act and with the fact that it is now activated — they are ready and in the position so that in itself i can say is news and huge news.

1-3-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday the rate will be changed by data entry when it is changed as it does as it fluctuates throughout the world. we do not have to wait for budget. so the news that the tariff and customs is activated is huge and now we wait for saturday and all other movements in the strategic framework. we should see news galore coming in the next few days.

Pumper TNT Tony<–1-3-2014 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony

I never thought we would still be talking about this. The effective date of RV in Iraq is 12/1/2013. The effective date of the international RV is 12/31/2013. The reason they can get away with doing that is because some countries have accepted the rate. The US didn’t accept it, but others did which made it international. Several countries have the $3.44 rate at their CBI’s. Things being done so official activation takes place here.

1-3-2014 SUPER PUMPER Guru TNT Tony I was told you should have a great great weekend…you should have had a great morning…there were minor security issues last night. All is on a positive track this morning and we should still have a great weekend…[Are the rates still in $32-36 range?] The [contract] rates are still holding, it’s part of the plan now. And they raised the market rate to over $6.

Guru Critic, “Better to be thought a fool then to open your mouth and prove it”. This quote fits this situation very nicely. There has been NO rate change in any country. If that was the case the CBI would NOT still be selling at the same rate, believe it or not, there are not a bunch of dummies running the CBI. By the way, CBI stands for: Central Bank of Iraq, other countries do not have CBI’s!! lol

1-3-2014 Intel Guru Nova I’d be very concerned and it would have been a “bad day today [Thursday]” if we have seen the tariff law implemented and the CBI holding an auction. However that did NOT happen, which means that something really did “happen”! The Tariff law went into effect today [Thursday] and the CBI did NOT hold an auction—The CBI did not transact any business today which means that’s something is changing, something is happening. The Iraqi financial system was shut down and not transacting any business…IMO, the days are numbered how long they can continue to hide the rate.

1-3-2014 Intel Guru Nova With the Tariff law enacted, the goods in Iraq must be repriced for the tariff. If the rate is not revealed…it all becomes “Undone”. The fact that the CBI did not transact business today and the ISX is closed is very telling. It is what we want to see. IMO, the ISX must be down when the rate is changed because the valuation of the companies is in USD…trading takes place in IQD but the capital and valuation is in USD. When the new rate comes out….the stocks, capital and corporate valuations must be reset to IQD for the new rate. IMO, I do not believe the tariff can be enacted at 1166.

1-3-2014 Intel Guru Nova They must have a tariff law in place to become a member of the WTO. A possible scenario is that the tariff law was enacted on Jan 2nd…but the financial structure was not open. The books for 2014 have not been opened yet, but with the tarrif law in place within a couple of days the financial system will be turned back on with a new rate…This is speculation based on the articles and what the CBI GOE and WTO are saying and doing. They must tell the world what the new rate is or they cannot sell product to the world, or have trade, ect…I believe the CBI must show the new rate when they reopen. So many things hinge upon it and everything is pointing to it being released.

Guru Critic, In the past, the CBI was closed for New Years day, it is on their website. They have not updated the “schedule” yet for 2014. It is no surprise that they were closed for a couple days. The CBI rate is still 1166 to $1, and the auction results are posted for today’s auction, (1-4-2013). They HAVE enacted the tariff at the 1166 rate, it is ALL over the news!!