This is the reason for fighting al-Maliki for the third term

This is the reason for fighting al-Maliki for the third term


This is the reason for fighting al-Maliki for the third termPalm – still everyone remembers how that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced and through satellite rejected the nomination for a third term for his belief that the two elections is sufficient for anyone that wants to serve Iraq and Iraqis and achieve successes required either otherwise, this means that he failed and he will not submit anything, even if it continued to do Asaholkn this statement and this announcement did not stand up to reality and desires Vtanasy Maliki what was announced and decided to continue his bet failed to limit his vision announced by and decided to continue the race in order to get a third term, and at whatever cost.

Because al-Maliki knows that this election crucial and decisive, he also knows that the road to the gates of the Council of Ministers will not be easy and furnished with flowers or ballot boxes are also believed he is singing on a whim because the competition will be fierce and ferocious and there will be a big advantage for the list without the other is not in order to dislodge al-Maliki but in order to get out of the desperate situation experienced by the tragic Iraqi people either al-Maliki, the afterlife is not known to him if he lost the bet, and this is the afterlife bug and continue to exist for owners and those with him.

The bug election for Mr. al-Maliki and get the third term will not be because of his concern and fear for Iraq and Iraqis, or fear for their own interests but because of the link to this state with his life and his future because he knows before anyone else that the losing bet prime minister meant that he had to prepare to bear the consequences of the files of the many related to corruption and the blood and trading the lives of Iraqis and cover up the corrupt and deported out of Iraq and violating the constitution and that he has to bear the whips of schadenfreude, hatred and revenge that some stores them against al-Maliki because of the hostile policy of the last playoffs.

Certainly Maliki will not depend on the polls only because he knows it will not feed him Barr Iraq and it will not prevent him gates of hell that lay ahead once you leave the gates of the Council of Ministers for this, it will depend on what collected files against his opponents and cabinets funds Iraq and the Iraqis, and its ability to launch promises sincere and false and confident decisions Medhat al-Mahmoud Fama files Valakhafah opponents who reject the alliance with him it seemed asking some of these files and either money Vchara receivables who has the willingness to sell and either false promises have been successful in the previous time and perhaps Selhgaha promises honest because it sold the last time he has to prepare for sale again as long as he moronic and stupid either the Federal Court it’s because they did it last time with al-Maliki and do it once do it a thousand times.
that the hypotheses of buying and selling and promises remain mere speculation, but the truth lies in the future dark for Mr. Maliki, who shunned in any way and at any price.